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  1. I have the 2D sensor for my 2016 premium as well but I haven't installed it. I'm aware of the extra adjustment benefits but since you stated that your adjustments disappeared I'm hesitant. I wonder If deleting ABS had anything to do with it? 🤔 Let me know what you find out.
  2. ^THIS!!! Everytime I get my entry speed wrong, everything is off. Before I even reach the apex im already annoyed in my head because I know that I'm off the line, I either came in too slow and now I'm making mid corner adjustments, or I came in too hot and im running wide and making mid corner adjustments. When I get the entry speed right however, like you said, everything else falls in line and it just feels right, feels better, feels amazing!
  3. Not a really a discussion, I just found the video pretty funny, especially when I saw who they used as an example of #2 "The Seer" lol!
  4. Sorry I took so long to respond, it was GREAT meeting you in person! And awesome chatting it up with you. It's always an awesome experience and I can never thank you guys enough! Can't wait for next summer to do it again!!
  5. I hope my body can still handle the rigors of snowboarding if/when I reach 80 lol! Free lift tickets!? Are you kidding me!? Lol! But back on topic, yeah it's inspiring and motivating to know that i can still potentially reach that level. It's just mostly if not all on me. I hope Jaybird feels the same way now. I'm just excited man!
  6. Hey Cobie, i definitely will! Im gonna be on one of the school's 2020s. I currently own a 16' premium and I was thinking about riding it because you guys had the 19s last season (basically the same bike) but when i found out you guys were gonna have the 2020s ready i figured why not try out the new hotness?
  7. Hi all, sort of new to the site but not new to CSS. I have previously done levels 1, 2 and 3 at NJMP. I decided to check the forums out for once since I frequent the superbike school website often. I've been riding for 6 seasons now, and I have done a total of 6 track days in the last two and a half seasons. Super excited to do level 3 again and level 4 next week. I never thought, six years ago when I got my first bike that I'd love riding as much as I do, or that I'd be addicted to riding on the track as much as I am. All I want to do is get better and better, and in that process, hopefully get faster. Anyhow, enough babbling from me. I look forward to having discussions with you guys and hopefully learning even more from all of you. Hope to see some of you at NJMP next week. I'll be there on the 29th and 30th.
  8. Jaybird, man, you stated something that I have been battling with internally for the last two seasons. Granted, I'm what I consider still fairly new to riding. I, like Hotfoot started riding in my opinion, late (early thirties to be exact), and I started doing track days just two seasons ago. I know I'm still relatively inexperienced when it comes to the track even though I've done levels 1 - 3 with CSS and about 3 other track days. I learned early on when I began riding that I LOVE riding, and I started following MotoGP and WSBK as well as MotoAmerica. I never thought I'd be as passionate about it as I am and like you, I have the desire to eventually race, and hopefully one day compete among some of the best. I've been asking myself the same questions. "Am I past that age?", "did I miss my opportunity?", "Whats my limit?", "Can I ever even reach that level?". I wonder if I'll ever have that "ah-ha" breakthrough moment that opens up as you stated "limitless improvement" or if I missed it because I started so late in life. Think about it, most of the "Pros" you see on TV have been on or around bikes probably since the age of 4 and here I am so late to the party. I can relate brother. Hotfoot, your words are a breath of fresh air on this topic to me. It tells me that the only real limit is myself. Don't get me wrong, I'm not suddenly filled with hope that I'll be side by side up against Marc Marquez in the near future, but that I can always improve. I remember three years ago, I was at the motorcycle show at the Javits Center talking to one of the coaches for TPM (Team Pro Motion) and he asked my why I wanted to ride the track. My answer back then was, and still today is to get better. Yes I want to go fast, to be faster, but to go faster you have to get better, you have master your craft. I know I still have a long way to go but reading Hotfoot's comment I realize that there is no definitive window of opportunity that can be missed when it comes to learning and improving, that as long as you're willing to learn and pursue improvement, you WILL improve. I'm no where near as good as I want to be, I'm still chasing that knee drag moment but I know in time it will come, and now I firmly believe that in time I WILL find myself competing on some level eventually. Jay, if its what you truly want to achieve, you can and you will.
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