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  1. Good morning all, I am doing your level 4 program next week at Mid-Ohio during which I will also be trying out as a new rider coach. One of the items Cobie has recommended I take care of before I show up is the interviewing of two different rider coaches. I have limited knowledge of what I should probably be asking but nonetheless I do have some questions which I can list below. Are there any willing coaches who I can interview before next Tuesday, the 5th of August? Here are some of my initial questions... 1.) What was the biggest surprise about the cirriculum that you experienced when you began the training for this position? 2.) What has been the most most rewarding part of your overall experience? 3.) Why did you persue this opportunity? 4.) What brought you here, and where do you see this going? Thanks in advance to those who reply. Also, I can be reached here --> brianhevans@hotmail.com -Looking forward to the opportunity.... --> Brian Evans
  2. Cobie, I would be very interested in the program but I had some questions. Is there a time that is good for you when we can have a conversation? -Brian Evans brianhevans@hotmail.com 614.296.7657
  3. Isn't that funny! I have owned Ducati's, Hondas, Yamahas, MV Agustas and I have a 2004 ZX-10R with Ohlins front end and Elka triple rear shock and I feel the same way....although the bike seriously did need a steering damper! I also put on better brakes and magnesium Marchesini rims, etc....
  4. Nice avatar! Anyway, I learned something from you article! I never thought about the two different size radiuses forming a cone! Very nice, and your video serves well to back up your statements. Personally, I don't counter-steer as aggressively as you video shows...I am a very smooth, fluid rider. Was your video 'over-acted' for demonstration purposes? Thanks.
  5. Thanks for the welcome Keith, maybe I'll see you before the AMA races in Ohio at MotoGp @ Laguna!
  6. I must say I have not used warmers yet either. I have over 30 track days under my belt and I'm reasonably quick but I just take it easy on lap one and then go for it. Also the rear tire I am using - Michelin Power Race (medium-soft rear 190/55) tends to be completely destroyed after two days on the track anyway.....so I am not sure how much life I could save myself on a rear but the front might last 4 days instead of 3. Who knows.....I will tell you this....at a cost of about $200/day just for track time with seven - twenty minute sessions on each day....If I can get up to speed immediatley instead of 'warming-up' my tires by taking it easy on lap 1; tire warmers could more than pay for themselves over a season. In a twenty minute session I might average 12 laps. Over one day I could do 84 laps but if I were to get up to speed sooner maybe I could get 13 laps in each session and this would represent a 8% increase in track time. 8% of $200 (fee for each day at the track) for 15 track days = $240 over a season....so maybe the tire warmers would pay for themselves in a season and a half...
  7. My name is Brian Evans. I live in Columbus, OH and I love roadracing. I have attended three level of California Superbike School all at Mid-Ohio and I am planning on completing level IV Summer '07 at Mid-Ohio! Can't wait! I have learned so much from this school and I am a true student of the craft. I am currently reading Twist of the Wrist Vol. I and about to begin Vol. II in a few weeks. After completing my first level of CSSS back in 2001, I promptly went off for a race weekend with the Championship Cup Series and had a blast on my MV Agusta F4. since then I have owned a couple of Ducatis and my current bike is a track-prepped 2004 ZX-10R that's much faster then I am. Last year I completed an all-time season high of 15 track days and managed to improve my times at Mid-Ohio and Barber Motorsports Park by 10 seconds! I am now able to lap consistently around 1:38 at both tracks. I have ridden VIR (North & South corse), Putnam Park, Beaver Run, Mid-Ohio and Barber (my favorite). My goals for 2007 are to improve my lap times another 5-6 seconds by focusing on braking and body position and getting my heart rate down a bit! Glad to be here and I look forward to learning a bunch....sorry for the extended rambling! -Brian Evans
  8. I had some questions about the off-camber and slightly downhill turn five at Barber. Just to be thorough I am talking about the turn after the short straight where the spider is on the outside. So anywya, I have been to Barber I'd say at least 8 days. I love this track! Nonetheless there are some secrets to going faster there and I discovered one of them last time I was there and immediately picked up 2 second per lap. I approached turn 5 from the far right --> squared off the corner and carried increased corner speed wide out of the corner and onto the straight. Not only did I go faster but I took the long way around the corner and I also avoided those annoying bumps as you are coming back up that slight incline from turn 5 - which is pretty much a hairpin corner. Can we talk about this corner and what else I could do to improve my times there? I know a similar principal can be applied to turns 7 and 8.
  9. I personally have completed three levels of your school, all at Mid-Ohio. Attached are some pictures of my body positioning. I would like to really lower my center of gravity and get my arm over the tank --> like more of the pros body position. From some of the pictures I have it seems that I am sitting up too much. Any suggestions on how to do this. I'll be going to Barber on March 17th, 2007 and will be doing about 12 track days before I come to level IV of the school at Mid-Ohio in August. Currently I am reading Twist of the Wrist, Vol. I to be followed by Vol. II.
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