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  1. I have been grappling with that very question as of late! Trying to solve the mystery of left hand turns with a rational thought process and then improve the situation but it is dificult. This article is well thought out and covers a lot of ground I hope to be able to work on it at the next school. will it or is it already part of the curriculum?
  2. with choices like that you had better buy stock in fruit of the loom. you will be changing your underware a lot, If you live!
  3. I almost understand the fixation with knee dragging! But it should not be your focus while riding. If you spend that much time thinking about dragging a knee in a corner while riding how do you make the corner at all? Think back to the first level or first book of Code's, just were are you spending your money on this corner? It sounds like you are spending it on trying to drag knee! If you want your knee pucks scraped so bad that you drive around at 7 to 10 miles per hour in a parking lot circle why not just use a belt sander or something then lie about how you did it. Then go ride and consentrate on all your skills, being smooth and lines etc. when your speed is right for the corner it will just happen
  4. The list of mods is almost endless.. One of the guys I ride with has an 02 that gets double duty track and commuter. The sv is unbelievable fun to ride on the track, You do need to keep it pinned most of the time though or the 1000's will eat you, well they will do it any way but you can still slow them down in the corners. The suspension is very soft and the heavier you are the worse in behave's The forks are pretty easy to mod with the race tech emulators and springs, we did both in one night. you will have to play with oil thickness and height depending on your track temps. but this was a big improvement. We also dropped the triple clamps almost a half inch. be carefull and experiment slowly with this though a little makes a lot of difference!! a fox shock works good out back, you can get used ones from the gsxr's on ebay. again you need to respring it. It responds well to raising the back end a little, I think we went up about 5MM The exhaust and jetting is a no brainer but make a big improvement as does the aftermarket air filter. If your looking for a very stable track bike that is fun to ride the SV is great. You can embarrass the squids on their 1000r's if you are already a confident rider. but if you want to keep up with the fast guys I think you will need a bigger engine! good luck
  5. I started with the H2 combo and found at least on the big track at willow springs that the rear did not hold up very well and the front liked to push just a little more than i like. the michelin guy sugested the S2 front and M2 rear for that particular track. At fontana the M2 rear felt like it broke out easier than the H2 but was very ride-able. I like the S2 front regardless of track. It is all personal taste but I felt more confident on the michelins in comparison to the D207rr that I replaced. on a side note the michelins tend to be very presure sensitive and do not warm up well when street rideing.
  6. I think if you checked out the ama pits you would find that an overwelming majority use the 180. As for the bling bling comment it was a quote out of one of the cycle mags. It stated the 190 tire was a sales tool used to sell bikes because they look cool. But If the 190 make's you feel more confident then it is the tire for you.
  7. I cant vouch for his personality but he does a good job of explaining how suspensions work and how to tune them, His knowledge is pretty impressive and you can get his book or a cd version that is very informative. www.traxxxion.com
  8. I cant get super technical about construction but I have ridden both the 207zr and rr on the track as well as commuting. I purchased the 207zr because they were cheap, but right from the start I did not like the front tire, it just never felt right. I did one track day "willow big track" and I was surprised just how far you could push them. It was cold and had rained the day before. as for a street tire they last a long time but as I said the front always did its own thing. The 207rr is suppose to be a zr carcass with the old 208 compound. as far as track tires go It held its own in terms of grip. The front appeared to have a different profile and seemed to turn a little faster than the zr. On the street they just wear out really fast. I currently ride with the Dioblo's on my commuter and really like them alot. For the track I am stuck on michilen's H series.. As for a 180 to replace the 190 I think the 180 turns faster.. I have heard the 190 called a bling bling sales tool. But what do I know I am on of the slow guys
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