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  1. I was wondering the same thing when I read Jaybird's post. I don't know the models of street tires very well, but isn't that a very sport oriented tire? Jaybird, are you able to get those tires warmed up adequately on a cold day for good grip? Have you tried measuring the tire temp (even just with your hand) after riding for a while to see if they are warming up all the way?
  2. Anybody wearing the Alpinestars Missile suit and airbag have any feedback on that system? I see they FINALLY announced a woman's version of the Tech-Air compatible suit. I'm giving that a serious look, seems like broken collarbones are a pretty common racing injury and I would prefer to keep mine intact. I had been looking at the Hit Air vests but didn't want to have to mess around with putting it over the leathers right before a race, or with the tether - seems like it would be too easy to forget to unclip yourself! BTW, does anyone know if Alpinestars has a showroom in SO CA that might have the women's suits in stock to try on? I'm not really sure of my size as I have been wearing custom suits, plus I wonder if the vest and back protector affect the size and fit of the suit.
  3. A note on this - I received a question on whether this process was allowed and whether this was a legitimate post. I verified with the office that this is a legitimate credit and can be transferred. Kimberly is correct that the school is aware of the situation and willing to allow her to sell/transfer her credit.
  4. Oh yes, if you were riding the Ninja 300 you will definitely feel a lot of difference; I rode a Ninja 400 recently and I was amazed by how much it wanted to decelerate when I let off the gas - and I discovered that my roll-offs were NOT as smooth as I though they were (see Throttle Control rule #2)! On the S1000s you can adjust the engine braking amount; after switching from another bike to my S1000rr where it is set very low it takes some getting used to, since I feel like I am free-wheeling into the corners, but it is a good learning experience as it makes me pay a lot of attention to my entry speeds. Personally, less engine braking helped me bring up my entry speeds (not always entirely on purpose!), and since I like the suspension set very soft in the front it minimizes (as Dylan said) the bike pitching forward when I roll off on flowing corners. I had trouble with the Ninja on that point, it would decelerate so rapidly on engine braking that it would compress the front. If nothing else the change to less engine braking may break some habits on entry speed and roll off points and force you to take a new look at judging the approach to higher speed corners.
  5. How did you watch racing in the stone age?
  6. Good point. We used to have a News/Announcements section and that is where those would have gone in the past, but that topic didn't get a lot of traffic so we removed it in an effort to streamline the layout. Per your comment I will look through current posts in the section and see how they would be classified, that is a good way to determine needed categories.
  7. Thank you all for all of this GREAT input. I have had multiple requests now to separate School Questions and General Discussion, because it is a little confusing to have them together, and multiple requests for Tire and Gear areas. Here is my question - and I really need some input on this, please - post your preference even if you don't feel really strongly about it, I'd like to get a good sample of opinions to work from: If we have (for example): New Members Area Articles by Keith School Questions Cornering and Techniques Tires, Tuning, Suspension Riding Gear and Equipment Racing as categories, do we still need a "General Discussion" area? Or do those categories pretty well cover it?
  8. Since that was a front tire crash, you might want to ask a few questions - did she have the wheel turned and touch the front brake right before it slid out? Were her arms stiff, adding more load on the front and/or restricted the movement of the bars? Certainly makes sense that cold tires contributed to the crash, but even with that info I imagine it is very mysterious to her why the bike would go down at such a slow speed, probably a good idea to explore other contributing factors.
  9. We are so glad you are active now on the forum! Thank you for your participation and thank you for your wonderful comments about the school and the forum. Corner marshall at a MotoGP race! Awesome, and what an amazing facility, too, COTA is really something. Welcome!
  10. That sounds like a hoot, and I bet a heck of a workout too.
  11. Those sound like good goals and we definitely have drills to help with them both! When you say consistency, in what specific area would you like to improve your consistency? Lines? Apex accuracy? Entry speed, exit speed...?
  12. Level 4 is still an individual, customized program. However, there are many, many new, specific Level 4 drills that address a variety of problems riders encounter. So the basic format is the same but the array of tools and drills that are available (there are over 100 level 4 drills) has been expanded considerably, along with some other nice improvements in AV tools and video capabilities. You mentioned you've been asking yourself what skills you need to work on - come on out to a school and your coach will work with you on your goals and closely observe your riding to create a custom program to address this. In other words, you don't have to have it all figured out before you get here, your coach and your level 4 consultant will work with you personally to identify what skills need improvement.
  13. GREAT, thank you for letting us know about that.
  14. It was filmed in the summer of 2008. There is a lot of really cool info on the making of the film and a great interview with Keith on this website: www.twistofthewristii.com
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