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  1. The fast riders and the fastest riders

    I think this is where you see a big difference between the big bikes and small bikes - on the smaller displacement machines it is all about carrying corner speed, you see a much higher entry speed and the rider carrying a lot more speed in the corner - that smoother, flowing style. I also think club racers on 600/1000cc bikes are inundated with advice to "brake until the apex", so they end up trying to apply that in practically every corner and end up giving up way too much corner speed as a result. Then they feel like they have to get on the gas really hard to try to make it up, or to stay ahead of the guy they see coming up behind or around them. You don't hear a lot of "brake until the apex" advice if you are on a 250. I am saying "they" because I have seen plenty of others do it, but I certainly have done the same thing myself! It "feels" faster on the 1000cc bike to brake really hard, and gas it really hard, and even with all the training I have I tend to fall into that trap if I am "trying" to go as fast as I can. I got towed around recently by a top pro rider and guess what? Higher entry speeds, higher corner speed, and he was gentler on both the brakes and throttle than I was. Sigh, it was a reminder that just getting on the gas harder is not the solution.
  2. For club racing the ninja 250/300 spec class has got to be the most affordable option. Tires last a long time, don't use much gas, limited modifications allowed, low maintenance bike.
  3. The fast riders and the fastest riders

    Personally I think that rolling on the gas too hard right after the apex is extremely common in club racing, I see it all the time and it is a common cause of crashes, and of riders going a little wide which prevents them from getting the best possible drive out of the corner. If a rider is feeling a strong desire to roll on the gas too aggressively or too abruptly, what does that usually tell you about the rider's corner ENTRY speed? Was it too high, too low, or just right?
  4. There is also a button on your regular home or browse screen on the upper right under the Search box and above the "Reply to this topic" button.
  5. How many read the latest e-mail by Keith?

    Hi Cobie, I got one called Vision Evolution, is that "that last email" you are referring to? It was good, made me want to work on body position and pay attention to how it affects my vision!
  6. The fast riders and the fastest riders

    You don't see too many expert racers rolling on and off the throttle mid-corner, they would crash if they did. So I'm banking that they do not violate the rule. But, do you think they might exceed the optimum 40/60 weight balance mid-corner?
  7. 2017 Fleet Break In

    I just remember being able to do epic spin-outs with it because you could get going fast and then lock and slide either rear wheel.
  8. Yes, I like that too, plus I am already liking the editor box better than before and now it is MUCH easier to put in a picture!
  9. 2017 Fleet Break In

  10. 1 Piece On Street?

    Call the office for that: 800-530-3350
  11. Did you try logging out and back in? Mine still shows any topics that have new posts in bold, like it did before. Try logging out and back in first and if that doesn't handle it let me know how exactly you were finding new/unread posts so I can research it. There was a required software update for general improved security and functionality, that's why it looks a little different, it was not just a new skin or intended design change.
  12. HA HA HA, OMG me too. Entry fees are practically nothing compared to the massive "everything else" costs. :/
  13. I was waiting for the sight picture to come into view - the 'waiting' part was the problem, instead of actively observing the changing perspective coming into the corner, I was a bit stuck visually on the apex as I waited to see the right moment to turn. It only happened when I was consciously "trying" to use apex orientation versus doing it automatically or using a chosen turn point reference point. I was trying too hard, too much effort, on a certain corner and couldn't seem to make the technique work there. But with some good coaching - Connor on track and Keith as my L4 consultant - it got sorted out.
  14. 2017 Fleet Break In

    And then I got a Green Machine, I was the most bad-ass little pig-tailed girl on the block.
  15. Ok Mr. Chief Riding Coach Worldwide, nut sure how long you wanted to run the contest, but I choose this as the most interesting new topic, lots of opportunities for discussion on this one.
  16. I thought I understood apex orientation, but in a school not long ago, my L4 consultant used one of the new iPad visual aid tools and I discovered an aspect of the technique I wasnt using and it allowed me to enter AO corners faster and with more confidence.
  17. 2017 Fleet Break In

    Yeah.... I was feeling the wind in my hair in the 70's, cruising on the sidewalk in front of my house on my BigWheel.
  18. Intro To Css

    I'd say Twist II book. Tons of information in it, very useful to a rider at ANY level, and you can refer to it again and again. The DVD is great too and the visual/video clips and CG graphics really add a lot, but personally I find it easier using the book when I am going back to review something or find some info so my book gets used much more often than the DVD.
  19. 2017 Fleet Break In

    They are a brand of slip-on canvas shoes. Very California.
  20. 2017 Fleet Break In

    I think that sounds more like spring break in Daytona Beach. California does have a helmet law. Florida doesn't, though, if you are 21 or over. Seems like the fashion in LA now is shorts, T-shirt, back protector, helmet, and Vans. I guess that is a little bit of progress...
  21. Cota 2017

    That is an awesome idea!
  22. FWIW I bought one of those mesh armored undershirts for my son to wear for dirt riding. He finds it very comfortable and a whole lot less work to put on compared to various regular pads, and it includes shoulder, chest, back and elbow protection. It breathes well and most of the pads are removable so the thing can be washed in a machine.
  23. How Agressive Can The Throttle Be Rolled On?

    Sounds like you got it down cold.
  24. My husband swears by the Moto-Ds. He had a day where he came to CSS and forgot to bring boot socks so he bought some Moto-Ds from the school. He really liked them and has since bought 2 more pairs and that is all he uses with riding boots now.
  25. How Agressive Can The Throttle Be Rolled On?

    This is not saying that you need to GET from 4000 RPM to 6000 RPM. It is saying that if you do a smooth roll-on in fifth gear and your RPM is somewhere around 4-6000 RPM the bike will GIVE you the about the right amount of acceleration to hit the desired 0.1 to 0.2 G. Keith is just giving an example of what an approximate 0.1 G to 0.2 G acceleration force FEELS like to the rider, so the rider has a simple way to try it, experience it, and know what it feels like. (As a comparison, think of how the bike would feel if you rolled on the gas in second gear at 12,000 RPM - it would launch forward much more aggressively, producing MORE acceleration and weight shift than the desired 40/60. The fifth gear 4-6000 RPM roll is a much gentler acceleration and is automatically in the approximate 0.1-0.2 range.) What RESULT are you looking for, when you have excellent throttle control? How you YOU judge for yourself if you got your throttle control right in a corner?