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  1. I've read that you can use the rear brake in the corners to modulate speed insead of letting off the throttle which can upset the suspension and make you run wide. Also suggested was to let off the front brake first then the rear while initiating the turn to keep the front suspension from coming up and down before the turn. Any comments, suggestions and experiences?? Thanks Whoops, I guess Kevin Kane beat me to the punch with this question with the "Rear Brakes" post. I'll just read the comments there.
  2. I can relate to the "Fear" of leaning over further than what my confort zone allows, I went on a weekend ride up north close to Oregon with a new buddy and a few of his friends. I ride a gsxr 600 and I saw guys riding touring bikes leaning more than I was. Some one said to "TRUST my tires" and it made me realize that this part of my riding does evoque some ringing SR's and I've been working on controlling these more and more, to the point that is my primary goal at this point. I feel that mastering your cornering techique (of course not exclusively) is key to riding at an advanced level. It's all about increasing my confidence for me and of course practice, practice.
  3. I appreciate the reply's, you have just reinforced what I should have known to begin with. I've been advised to just be smooth and the speed will come, I suppose I was looking for a little insight from this group from which I have so much to learn. I would like to clarify that I am not using my canyon rides as race practice. Just trying to focus on my cornering technique. I will look into taking level 1 here in Sonoma when the time comes, in the mean time it's a matter of patience and applying what I've been reading from TOTW 1. Thanks guys!
  4. Well, I had a small breakthrough today, entering a turn I would "push" down on the clip on (counter steer) a little more agressively and it seemed to work out ok. Was able to keep more entry speed and still no SR's. Felt in control. I know you guys have heard this over and over but I thought I'd still share. I also picked my fav 5 mile stretch of twisties and rode back and forth several times.
  5. New member here, although have been studying the discussion board awhile. Here's my question: Is it necessary to lean more in order to increase corner speed or can the same be achieved by a better line? This may seem obvious but it may not be as clear to some, let me explain why I ask this. I'm not talking about racing speed through canyon road corners, just looking to perfect my technique and to keep things smooth (which has been my first priority). I have slowly been increasing entry speed but still do not lean anywhere close to max (still have very thin [1/16"] chicken marks and can't seem to break through that last barrier). Can the bike be leaned over more without going faster? One may think to lean the bike as much as possible to get through quicker and think we need more speed for this. Please ask if not been clear enough. Thanks
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