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  1. farjang

    Entry Speed

    1) Probably not. I doubt I would change my turn point if I felt like I had a good line already. You may need to turn the bike faster though. 2) Trail braking may be aplicable in some corners, but as a rule it probably won't help you with your entry speed, probably make you slower goin in. 3) If you can that is always a good think for lap times. You should try to bring the rear tire right to the edge of traction as soon as you can comming off the corner, but you have to balance that with timming your drive correctly so you don't run wide. 4) Can't say, if you have good lines then you shouldn't need to change them... I can recomend something that you can try durring practice that is the best thing I've ever found for improving your entry speed. Ride a session of two "No Brakes" and focus on trying to enter the corner faster without touching the brakes. Riding no brakes really gives you time before the corner to judge your entry speed and gives you a much better sense of how fast you are going in. If you can get good at riding no brakes I'm sure you will find your entry speeds improve. You will probably need to work on having the confedence to turn the bike quickly and you will have to be patien with this drill as it can be frustrating riding around no brakes, because you just can't go quite as fast. But give it a try and I'm sure you will find that your entry speed will improve. Hope that helps.... I took level I and level II and riding with "No Breaks" help me a lot, I realize that I can go in to the corner a little faster and I am sure that this could fix his problem. I will be doing level 3 and 4 this weekend, can't wait!
  2. farjang

    Student Videos

    Hello Cobie, The class was excellent, I be able to adjusted my body position and using my knee to hang on to the tank which also allow my upper body to lean more and relax both of my arms. I can see a big improve from 1.58 lap time to 1.44 and I know that I can do better and not scaring my instructor. I saw you after, but you were busy, however everything went very well and I will be taking Level 3 this year. Thanks and Best Regards, Far J.
  3. farjang

    Student Videos

    Peter is really good, I saw him last sunday, I have fund him a little bit because I know that they still sleep in the truck because they are trying to save money. His site is http://peterlenz.com/ and I can say that if he got a good support then he can go very far. I just want to give credit to his family and California Suberbike school on what you give to Peter. Thanks Guys! Far J.
  4. farjang

    We Are Off To The Track!

    Oh man, I just wish you visit California, we can do track all year round.
  5. farjang

    Rider Input - (relax)

    NICE!... I can only do that on my left turn because I can't let go of my TC, however I be able to go faster on the exit without fighting that much which I did for a very long time. I was fighting with the handle bar because all I am thinking is counter steering and trying to fix the bar, YANK IT... But now, I feel like I am only using 60% of my riding and be able to feel saft, incontrol, relax and the most important is fun of riding. Thanks for the reply, Far J.
  6. farjang

    Career In Racing?

    Hello Cobie, I have placed an order for Twist of the Wrist and Twist of the Wrist II on Monday right after class, and that will be my soft science. Also, I will start doing some track days to practice at Street of Willows, then next year I will start to taking Level II, and so on and finish up with Code RACE. Finally, I will register for Novice class and race at WSMC in 600 Super Stock Class. I will keep practicing Sound like a good plan Cobie? Thanks and Best Regards, Far J.
  7. farjang

    Rider Input - (relax)

    Ahh, cool thanks stuman! I was confuse a bit but now I understand. This is great! I notice that I fight too much with the bars, and now I feel that the bike is soo smooth!
  8. farjang

    Rider Input - (relax)

    This is from Level I Drill #4 - Rider Input I am able to improve my riding skill in this drill. When I make a right turn, once I put the pressure on the bar I would relax my outside hand right? (which is my left) so just keep my hand for T.C. and let the bike work and turn. However, I went to work today and one of my friend said that I can relax my inside hand as well So should I relax my inside hand or our side hand? Let say right turn, relax my left? and put a little pressure on the right bar and keep T.C. input? Thanks in advance. Far J. #18 Yellow Oct-13 Level I Student
  9. farjang

    Career In Racing?

    Hello Misti, Wow, I saw you on Sat, and I can't believe that I am actually got to meet a professional racer It is my dream, I am working my way and taking your class one by one and keep practicing. There is no shortcut , I had Cobie Fair as my instructor and I he is a really good coach and very nice. Well, I am just very exciting about what I have learned on Saturday and how I can ride better in just one day. What do you recommend for a entry level like me? - My Goal is to take Level II, III, IV then Code RACE and start to entering some race. What is the best way to work my way up? Thanks and Best Regards, Far J.
  10. Beginner here - Level I at Street of Willow
  11. This is me #18 following Cobie Fair my Riding Coach. As you can see, Cobie is very relax, while I am working too hard! However, I improved a lot that day and will keep practice the drills until my next level.
  12. farjang


    Hello Keith, I did crash on one of this left turn on this one canyon, and the error was my body position was wrong (Riding twisted, turning left and my body kind of leaning to the right). I was scraping my left foot peg, anyways Saturday October 13 2007, I took your Level I class. Cobie Fair was my instructor and he able to spot my body position and correct my error right away (which if I went to your school sooner, I might not crash) also I be able to learn how to relax!!!. I input too much pressure on both of the bars and fighting and fighting. Dylan Code is my instructor for the Relax Drill or Rider Input Drill. And it is very interesting how the bike turning so smooth when I just RELAX. My point is that if I take your Level I class before, I wouldn't crash or would crash on the different error that I didn't know yet. However, Level I covering common mistake that rider might have, usually give more information before you press the Panic Button! Anyways, THANK YOU VERY MUCH to you and all the Staff!! I will take Level II as soon as the 2008 schedule come out. Thanks and Best Regards, Far Jangtrakool Level I - Oct 13 #18 Yellow Group
  13. farjang

    2007 Riding Coach Search

    Hello Cobie, I had you as my instructor, and I would like to thank you for coaching me. For sure I will practice the drill and sign up for Level II soon. I am very interesting to be a Riding Coach and once I improved my riding skill from your school I would love to join and be a Riding Coach. Anyways, I am very happy to be part of student of CSS and will look forward to learn from you again. Thanks and Best Regards, Far J. PS: If you need any help with graphic design, web Coder please let me know if I can help you with anything for CSS
  14. farjang

    Level 1

    I don’t know if you took this class yet, but I will reply your question anyways based on my experience on Saturday. I am able to learn a lot, in fact here are the list - T.C. Throttle Control - we might think that we all that what a T.C. is, but once I finish the first class, I notice that T.C. is more than just having a smooth corner, but in fact it control every factor of cornering. (speed, stability, line, and traction) - Turning Point, I am be able to fine the best line for the corner, (you will see how they teach you once you are in the class0 - Once you can turn, how about turn it quick and just get it done! Quick turn help improve my cornering speed, and the exit speed is very fast. This can improve your lap time. - RELAX!!! I learned that when I turn, I input too much pressure on both bar... and make the bike upset... the solution is to relax. This make my cornering very very fast. I am able to learn a lot more, like body position. Sometimes I think I know it all, but that I know nothing! Love the class, My coach was Cobie Fair, and he is very good coach. Thanks, FarJ