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  1. Here is short clip I put together from Sachsenring.... this was shot day one (of two) session 3, so I was just getting the hang of the track. Due to brutal noise testing on the front straight I had to go down it at half throttle and loose a load of time..... the next day in the rain I was quicker as to guy doing the testing didn't come out till it stopped raining. Anyway enjoy the clip as I had the time of my life running this track.......nothing but the longest blind left hander in the world..............
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    I've been lucky enough to run on some of Europes finest tracks.... here are a few of my favorite shots Mugello in the rain...... Nürburgring GP track Spa Francorschamps Sachsenring
  3. OMG I cannot believe the day is finally here...... This trip has been in the works since Feb and now we leave in the morning Arrive Sachsenring Sunday 6pm set up camp get registered and fire up the bbq.... all day Monday and Tuesday on the track with a "free" party with food and beer on Monday night.... got to love Germans.... can't wait to run down the "ski jump" with it's blind entry 13% grade drop!! Tuesday after our last session pack up and head over to Brno 4 hours away, meet up with two other bud's who are there for the GP race. Spend all day Wed & Thur on the track just 3 days after the big boys leave...... I will have a trip report once we get back next weekend.....