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  1. The 2-day class at VIR was a great personal and educational experience. From the time I pulled into the parking lot and being greeted by Lonnie with a "don't worry we will take care of you"; to Keith thanking us for attending at the end of day 2, I was in great hands. Even though you are assigned an instructor, everyone pitches in to teach and encourage. My assigned instructors for those 2 days were Andy and Charlie, but I also got individual help on my weak points from Keith, Lonnie, Misti, and Cobie. The classroom experience consisted of the techniques to be used at the next track session which was never more than a half hour away, it was ran excellently by Keith and Stuart. The pace of the curriculum was excellent and well thought out, so you were constantly learning and improving. Three other people I can't fail to mention because of the enthusiasm they bring to the school were the 'Wranglers' Judy and Calen, and the course control guru Trevor. During one of the classroom sessions Keith was asked if he attended every seminar, his reply was " It's my school", that statement meant volumes to me. I had to save up a long time to attend this two-day course but it was well worth it, as a matter of fact I am starting to save my coins now so I can attend next year. If you decide to attend hopefully long time student Thomas will be in attendance. VIR was his 45th attendance at the Superbike school, now that is great PR. Also let me mention that you can't cheat the camera bike (I tried) it catches all of your mistakes One Love Kenny
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