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BP is definitely one thing that has helped riders go faster. Weighing down the bike during turning, getting more lean from the bike, safety.

Watch the 125's this year and you'll notice that they all have the same BP. 250 riders are the same way. GP and WSBK have different style riders because there are different riders from different countries. If you look at AMA, there are lots of younger riders who are using the same type of BP as the GP riders.


And with the bikes, 600's and 1000's times are similar because of their different strengths. 600's dominate in cornering, but 1000's have the power. Looking at times, Portimao is a technical track, so the times are going to be similar (of course the 1000's are faster). Not enough straights for the 1000's to take that much advantage over the 600's during cornering. Just like Laguna. Straight track, BUT it's so short that the 1000's don't gain enough advantage. Take Monza and Utah though. Long tracks with plenty of straight, so you'll see bigger differences in the times.


Overall, there are very few tracks that have been there for a while which will have a 600's time over that of a 1000's. And the only reason THAT would be, is because a strong enough literbike rider hadn't been on the track.

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