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Photo I took of my FZ-1 of which I'm rather Proud




Nice Tyler! How many years of riding is that? Is it daily commuting or do you tour?

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It's a 05 that I bought new in Jan 06 with I think 8 miles on the Odometer, due to a change in the final drive gearing I think its actually driven more like 106K miles, the majority of that mileage has been daily commuting in and out of LA and Orange County for the past 3.5 years. It spent the first 4 years of its life in Hawaii and while I drove it plenty it didn't accumulate a lot of mileage, I think when I moved to CA it had like 13k on it.


It's had very little service issues aside from the normal wear and tear items, Tire's Chains sprockets etc. I had a adapter in the cooling system rust to the point it sprung a leak and spewed coolant out the side of it, the result of being parked outdoors in Hawaii for 4 years, I had a valve that broke / chipped back in I wanna say the 70K range, also the EXUP valve in the exhaust system froze up due to lack of maintenance on my part and that eventually burnt out the servo motor that actuate's it'

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