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The Twist of the Wrist II DVD (the recent one) is really great - it has a bit of a story to make it entertaining but what I really like are all the great visual examples that illustrate the concepts. I love reading the books and they are great to have (they are available as eBooks now, too, BTW) but I got some extra understanding from seeing video examples of some of the techniques, especially the ones that compare doing it right versus doing it wrong, and the CG illustration of how countersteering actually works.

The Recent One ????

Has it been updated?



Sorry if that was confusing - I just meant to clarify the one from 2009, "A Twist of the Wrist II" DVD, as opposed to the original "A Twist of the Wrist" DVD; if you search somewhere like Amazon you can see both and sometimes people buy the older one thinking it is the 2009 one.

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