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Cobie Fair

Where Are They?

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Hi All,


A little birdy said the Schuberth reps will be at this coming set of Superbike Schools. Bring your helmet for fitting, or if you don't have a Schuberth try one out.


If nothing else, pick one up and see how darn light they are!



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I'm guessing you're not gonna let me "borrow" one of the school helmets for my own personal track day next month, so it looks like I'm gonna have to throw down and buy my own to replace my old Shoei. Not only is it over 5 years old now, but with the more agressive, lower on the bike riding position I've developed in my CSS training I just can't see around the corners in it like I can with the Schuberth. The Shoei effectively has a "visor" that limits my vision, even with padding in it to raise it up. The Schuberth doesn't and it makes it much easier to get low on the bike but still be able to see. Not to mention it's a lot lighter, quieter, better ventilated... It's just a spectacular helmet. I've really enjoyed riding with it at the schools and I look forward to having one for myself. Even better that the Schuberth folks will be there to help me get the fit exactly right. :D



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