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[Spoiler] Silverstone Round

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Wow, what a race and a way to re-open the championship!


After the free practice and Qualifying Friday & Saturday, I was totally convinced that Rossi was dead and buried - he was just nowhere as fast as Marquez and Lorenzo. Interesting to see so many falling in the rain (including Jack Miller doing the cardinal sin of taking out his teammate in his fall), and how others just shone in the rain - I'm thinking on Petrucci especially, and Scott Redding.


But the 12 points that Rossi has on Lorenzo can quickly go again, so with any luck it's going to go all the way down to the final race in Valencia.


And congrats to Danny Kent for his home-soil victory. He's doing so well that he's making it look boring :D

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I totally agree Kai. I was jumping out of my seat screaming at the screen...

when I saw the opening aerial images I thought are those raindrops on the lens? This will be a game changer of a race if they are.

Sure enough Rossi rode with such precision and confidence that he seemed to be on another level entirely all race long. He also beat Lorenzo and Marquez straight up. Is it four times now that when Rossi and Marquez fought for the lead that Marquez crashed and DNF'd three of those four?

What a season so far!

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I cannot wait to see my first MotoGP. If all goes as planned, I will see the races at NJMP after a track day on 8/10/2015!

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