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Silverstone 12 August

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Bit early I know but I booked the Silverstone GP circuit as once the sun comes out, everything gets booked up. The sun and also because it's the Suzuki All-Star track day, with British leg-ends Jamie Whitham (no-one can brake harder than he), John Reynolds, and Tommy Bridewell, Motovudu (?) inventor Simon Crafar, and adopted Brit Ryuichi Kiyonari. I haven't spun for the masterclass, I'll stick with the normal track day, but these guys will be knocking around. It's a day organised by the track rather than a TD company, and when I've gone with them before they've been really good, just like CSS, so most unlike many UK TD companies. So really looking forward to it, still roaring around on the SV, and will try to get a decent bit of footage this time! It's a fast, wide, sweeping track, but surprisingly good fun with 80-ish bhp.

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