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Level 4, Here I Come!

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Sometime next year probably. :unsure:


I finally took the plunge and rode my own bike on my home track. I know the track very well but never on a bike and until this point, I'd never put my personal bike in harm's way before.


I rode Thunderhill East and I rode my little heart out. I used the edge of the tire and I popped my knee-cherry but I came home and looked at the data and I was sloooooooooow. I don't know if they make a little blue pill for testes size but apparently mine are pretty small.


My funds are exhausted and I can't make the CSS Thunderhill trip this year but the next time you guys are in town, I plan on doing level 4 with you on my own bike and trimming some fiscal years off my lap time.


[Edit] Also, if you guys can make a hot lap video of Thunderhill East while you're there I'd be ever so grateful.

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