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Possible issues with K&N oil filters

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From another forum:


Reports on forums all over the world reporting that K&N 204 and other filters are failing. One guy had his fail at the track, all oil leaked out. Many are leaking oil all out on the road. The issue seems to be that the filter just pops and dumps oil out right where the nut head meets the filter body. When this happens, it just covers your rear tire in oil. 

This is being reported on bike forums all over the internet. It's not necessarily the twisting of the nut that ruptures the casing but the weakened casing material in the weld area caused by act of attaching the 'nut' during manufacture. We've seen several at the track simply burst near the nut even when the filter was spun on by hand (nut never used). Closer  examination revealed the filter casing was about as thick as aluminum foil due to welding. 


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I've heard of this. Also heard of filter media becoming dislodged in K&N oil filters. I don't buy them.

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In 2016 K&N (actually I think most aftermarket filters) were banned in MotoAmerica competition after Kyle Wymans K&N filter on his Yamaha R1 failed on COTA's back straight.  I actually saw that one, bike actually caught fire and it oiled down the back straight and took about an hour or so to clean up.

From what I recall, the issues were primarily on the filter for the R1.  The threads were not machined correct so filter did not tighten right and o-ring blew out.

I still use the K&N on my GSX-R1000 and have not had any issues.

The #204 is the one for the R1 so its hard to say if K&N fixed the issues or perhaps still baqd ones out there.

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