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Shout out to Keith, Cobie and my coaches especially Laura

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This is John Lee by the way... the one that ran into a little hiccup on my level 3 day.  You guys went way above and beyond what was necessary and just wanted to say thank you again.  Laura you were totally awesome looking out for me without hesitation.  I noticed after reviewing some of my lap footage that between lvl 1+2 earlier in the month I didn't bother opening up the bike on the straights and just focused on the drills and cornering; and by level 4 I improved dramatically (on average 20% faster on the corners); so while in lvl 2 I would hit 140mph on the main straight in lvl 4 I stayed in 3rd gear 9k rpm even on the straight not trying to speed the straights and just focus on the corners and yet my overall lap times were faster; something both Laura and Pete pointed out.  Definitely noticeable on the streets too.  I'll post my personal riding issue in the Student Success Stories :)  Still have a long ways to go but you guys gave me a great head start; I will be practicing until the next time.

Thanks to my coaches along the way:
Level 1 - Brian
Level 2 - Connor
Level 3 - Laura
Level 4 - Pete

You guys rock.

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Thanks for posting this, so glad you had such a good result AND saw it translate to your street riding, it's cool that you were able to go ride a good fun road so soon after school and find out what had changed in your riding. Look forward to seeing you back again!

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