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Geometry and Handling Effect of Damaged Components

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Hi all-

Looking for opinions and options.

In prepping my 5yo son's CRF50 for Supermoto, I discovered that the front fork is kinked just above the axle. It's pushed toward the engine a few mm, reducing trail. For dirt he's using the stock 10"/10" knobby tires and supermoto, using DOT treaded 10/10" size tires as well. His racing class requires OEM suspension and I've found the part numbers to order the replacement. I'm not sure if the handling change will be ONE MORE new thing that he'll have to contend with his first time out, or if as a 5yo he won't notice, won't care and will carry on bent or straight. I'm theorizing with the way they're bent now it gives added caster effect and is HELPING the bike steer after relaxing his countersteer input. I think it's wise to replace it but I'm wondering if we can instead save the $150 plus labor time and wait a season when he may be able to graduate to a class that allows aftermarket components. Thoughts?

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