Dear All,

We are looking for qualified coach candidates. Following is a
description of we need, and after that an application.

If you are interested, or think you might qualify, please read the following
carefully, and return only the application (download here).


Cobie Fair
Chief Riding Coach
California Superbike School

Overall description:

1. Racing experience is preferred. Really we have to see the riding to
answer if the riding skill level will be adequate. Most of our students are
street riders, but we do need someone that can set an excellent example for a
broad range of skills.

2. Friendly, personable, upbeat, high ethical standards, fit in with the
rest of our team is a must.

3. Excellent communication and observation skills. Also willing to be
trained and do homework. The coach training is vigorous, not for the
wimpy. Every aspect of what you do is examined, honed, tested, and improved
on a regular basis.

4. The positions are part time for independent contractors but we need a
minimum of 10-15 school days per year.

5. Tryout is not paid. That is usually 1 day at a racetrack, you provide
your own bike and gear.

6. After the tryout, there is a short probation period, but we pay all
travel and other expenses, you use our bike, gear, etc. Probation period
depends on you and how much work you are putting into your training.

7. After probation, coaches are paid according to their instructor skill
level, how many of our training programs they have completed. Starts about
$170 per day, goes up from there.

Getting all these together in the same package is the hard part. Truthfully
we are a very dedicated, serious-about-being-the-best bunch, and it shows.
About 1 in 40 that apply even get accepted for the training, much less make
it past the probation stage. If you have it in mind that this is just a
prestigious job for you show others how well you ride, that it will be a cool
way to improve your own riding and get lots of track time, then this is not
the right thing for you, and your reasons for coming are not the same as ours.

We are a school, we train riders and racers and we do that totally. We don't
give jobs to our friends because we like them.

Download the application and email it to me.