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Off camber corners

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I've made a lot of progress at different parts of Thunderhill East. I've gotten my corner speed up in 1, 2, 5b, 8, 14, 15.

I am wanting to start getting my speed up in 3 but it's off camber and I am not sure I know how to attack it safely. I've heard approach off camber like a decreasing radius but I'm not sure what that means. I'd rather ask  now than after a crash and then get those "Oh, you have to ______ in off camber corners."

I realize the basic premise of having less grip but I also know I'm not on the limit. I'm looking for specific techniques that you have to use on this kind of corner.


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There is a Reference in TOTWII that covers the effect of camber on a corner. Don’t have mine in front of me to give you the chapter. But it covers its effect on lean angle.

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I would expect it to be more than just the angle between the road surface and machine/man that comes into play since you are now also facing gravity in a negative manner; it's like standing on a slope. Hence you cannot just use your knee as a guide to how far you can safely lean. Perhaps it's a case of going faster until you crash and then back off a little 😄 Personally, I treat them as I would a surface with less grip, but I only ride on the road. On a track, if you want to find the limit, I would suggest being smooth and add a little bit of speed while feeling for the tyres starting to slide. It may also be wise to square the corner off a little more than typical in order to keep apex speed lower and also the period of maximum lean shorter.

All that said, you really should not listen to me because I do not actually have a clue 😔 

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