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New but not Green. Out of N.Y.

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Hello, I read positive content about California Bike School.  Definitely a must do.  I have been riding on and off since college when  motorcycle endorsement never existed.  I started very young with the Big-Wheel (my 3 wheeler as a toddler).  Upgraded to the 2014 Triumph 675 Daytona.  Of course I now have an endorsement.  My most challenging and fun ride has been in Thailand on the Honda 600 CBR, a whopping 762 turns from Chiang Mai to Pai.  Like anyone who seeks safety and proficiency as I practice in the cockpit for my airline, it begins and ends with training.  The training does not stop.  And that being said, I am certain I am carrying some good habits or techniques, but likely I have more bad ones than good ones.  It’s my intention to be better through training and hope to get the support and advice through California Superbike School and the forum group who appears to have this common goal.  I hope to also make friends along the way who may consider joining my group on adventurous motorbike tours,  and I participate with other groups as well.

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