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Throttle with brakes on

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Some say that in racing, the ideal is to just crack the throttle as you are easing off trail braking, with a short overlap period where you still have a touch of brake applied when you start opening the throttle ever so slightly. And that you can benefit using this technique also on the road, but of course at a much slower pace. The theory I was given was that this keeps the chassis settled due to smooth transitions of forces. If we brake, coast, then gas it, riding will be less fluent. Personally, I have never tried this, and I must admit it feels a bit daunting. 

What does the coaches and racers say?

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IIRC there was a video of Rossi describing the techniques. Personally, I didn’t find the particular video credible as I believed Rossi was practicing his art of chicanery.

YCRS instructors have been known to advocate the technique and they even have a drill where it makes it a proficiency goal.

In theory it sounds reasonable...then you get to the practicality of it.

With current engine management technology it is easier to make the transition smoother so as to keep a stable chassis- that is the goal, right? Isn’t this something we all practice in our riding, even when not specifically focusing on it?

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