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Some people just have that knack. That way of explaining something that make is so simple that "even a bonehead could understand".

I recall a few years ago, where in a Private Message (and I hope it's okay to disclose this), I congratulated @Keith Code on cracking the code (no pun intended) on explaining what we're doing on motorcycles and creating a vocabulary to enable communication, learning and growing. Keith found his knack. Very few people ever do in this life, and that's unfortunate.

Talking with another rider, we were discussing how sometimes we feel that being able to articulate what's happening has a barrier associated with it that makes getting the help we're looking for just one more step removed. And we're both CSS students, so we have a foundation in vocabulary by using Keith Code's technology of riding. That's one barrier down.

Yet there still exists that other, somewhat unknown element where there exists a gap between self-observation, deluded reality and then real reality versus our desired reality in our riding. And it is somewhere in there where the message gets obscured.

Personally, I'm working on a program of self-improvement, and honestly I use my riding as one of the yardsticks of it's effectiveness (everything boils down to motorcycles, right? - LOL). What are some other things that we as riders can use to improve the OODA-Loop in our riding?

(edit)Oh, BTW- the title of this post was originally supposed to be, "That THING you do" but a fat finger changed it...and I decided I like THINK better.

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Being honest with oneself, a bit of a skill.  Honest, yet not beat up on oneself, also a skill.  Big part is just being able to observe.  Keith is frickin' amazing at being able to observe.

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