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Get over the fear?

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Hi all

I had an accident 2 years ago while riding my motorbike at late night. And now I feel very scared when going out at night by motorbike :(
Anyone belike? Any advices for me?

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My mother rides horses (Dressage) and, after my first track down [as well as my first non-fault down], she reminded me a rule within that community is if you fall "get back on the horse" ASAP.

I was pretty shaken and the rest of my day was shot pretty bad. But getting back on and riding was the right call, since I wasn't injured. Unfortunately your accident was 2 years ago so that advice is a bit late. Here's the best advice I can manage: start with evening trips, work your way into the darker hours. Shorter trips. Just ride 'around the block' a time or two or something similar, every night just to get used to it again. If this were a track day I'd say your session 'goal' would be: "smooth and relaxed" and to down your pace until you hit that.

Practice some mindfulness. If you notice you're scared, pull over and clear your head (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mindfulness).

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