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2008 Dates

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I'm probably being a bit daft, but I can't find any info on when the 2008 dates for the UK will be release. I'm interested in doing level 2 but I know that places get booked up pretty quickly.


If anyone's got any ideas, I'd be grateful.



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You will probably have a better chance of finding an answer for that in "School Questions".


I believe someone from the school said that the 2008 schedule is being worked on right now.



Ah, here it is : http://forums.superbikeschool.com/index.ph...post&p=4896


Gotta love that search button up top.


Of course, I don't know if the UK handles their own schedule. You might try contacting Andy Ibbot or one of his managers on the UK contact list here: http://www.superbikeschool.co.uk/contact.php

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