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  3. I saw the lubricant is up on https://superbikeschool.com/sponsors/ but I haven’t seen anything on the new helmet brand. Assume we will hear soon?
  4. I'll be there to test your patience again in April 2-3. 😉 Level 4.
  5. I think you are correct that he didn't care. Not just with racing. A superior talent with a very troubled nature. Still troubled, not so sure about the amount of talent remaining.
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  7. Welcome to the forum!
  8. Been months since I've ridden anything but my dirt bike (that's been fun), so ready to ride. Anyone going to join us in Vegas in Feb?
  9. Passing...an art really. A bunch of visual components, and then the different arenas where it's used, and requiring a different attitude. Passing at the School, as opposed to passing in racing. Back in the '90's one of the top guys in the US at the time was Miguel DuHamel. Over from Oz came Anthony Gobert. Watched Miguel try and stuff it in on Miguel at Big Willow, turn 1. Most riders would have changed line, moved over, flinched, run wide, etc. Gobert didn't alter line at all, he just didn't care. Great example of solid visual skills, no narrowing of his attention, didn't get surp
  10. JJ tried some of their products in his car and was quite enthusiastic...bodes well for us. 😁
  11. That's close lol, we should link up this coming season. I like to hit up bear mountain on the weekends. Hopefully we can meet up at CSS.
  12. You forgot to post the photo to be able to judge/evaluate what you discribe.
  13. Make sure to wear a mask in public or you will be sent to a re-education camp in upstate Nazi York by Fuhrer Cuomo. Oh yeah, welcome to the forum.
  14. For what it's worth, I actually had to sort of deal with the opposite problem. My instincts when passed are to back off and give the person room so I don't have to worry about them anymore, and when I started racing this was hard to unlearn; nowadays I struggle more with picking my passes, especially when in 'packs' where I don't want to pass someone then have to change lines or hit my brakes due to someone in front of them while at the same time not staying at the back longer than I have to. One thing that may help with the urge (over time, not immediately) is moving to a lower displacem
  15. Great to hear that. I live in Brooklyn
  16. Hi from Aotearoa/New Zealand. New to this forum. I hadn't ridden for 30 years. Bought a Yamaha XSR900 early 2018. Have done three training track days (first two with Brian Bernard of Bernard Racing at Manfield [he was coached by Keith when he raced in the USA]). Did my first Superbike school November 2020 at Taupo (Bruce McLaren Motorsport Park) and have read Twist of the Wrist and also follow Nick Ienatsch (Yamaha Champ School). My coach for the day was someone I'd seen at Manfield but wasn't involved in the training. I'm primarily a road rider but want to lift my skill level. I also
  17. It bothers me too. It's tough because I'm constantly reminding myself that I'm just not good...YET.... so i try to stay in my lane so to speak, focus on areas where I need improvement(basically everything lol) but still. I'm sure most of us are a little impatient and anxious to see improvement and passing others or NOT getting passed is a sign of that. I take comfort in knowing I'm not THAT slow because I DO on occasion pass people on track days but not many. It's definitely a point of frustration for me lol. I do plan on eventually participating in some amateur racing once I feel I have
  18. Welcome to the forums Chad. Where in ny are you located? I'm in NY myself. Western LI.
  19. I joined the forum a few days back but forgot to introduce myself. I'm Chad James and I live in New York now. I'm passionate about automobiles and own a KTM 790 Adventure R, which I take to places on weekends.
  20. I have a wall photo in my home office taken during one of my CSS school days at ViR. It's nicely framed and in a place where I look at it frequently as I telework. The photo has me followed by two other riders as I'm nearing the inside edge of a right turning corner about 1-1/2 meters away. I can see the greenery in the background but it's blurred in the distance. Our heads are turned and it appears we are all looking somewhere near the same point. It's possible that being in the front, I might have begun to look toward the corner exit as my vision is slightly elevated relative to the followin
  21. Hey Brick, welcome to the forum. Unlikely I’ll see you at VIR, but I’m sure you’ll have a great time.
  22. I just signed up for Level 1 at VIR May 4th. My last CSS class was a LONG time ago... at Mid-Ohio i'm thinking in the eary 90's on the schools bike which was then a 600cc Kawasaki. I have no intention of going racing but with 51 years of riding I hope to correct some possible bad habits and continue for many more years. I'm taking the class on my bike a 2020 BMW R1250GS. Brick
  23. "An accurate orientation in space begins with two external Reference Points. We find two points or objects or areas first and this then gives us a reckoning of our own location where we become the third point of orientation. Together, that creates an accurate tracking of the direction of our progress in relation to the other two. With those three, our eyes begin to create 3D space, which in turn improves our perception of relative speed and direction of travel. Also, and importantly, our sense of time and timing switches on quite automatically. In short, RPs help us create perspective." - Keit
  24. Perhaps you should consider racing. When I get Open track time, that is for me to work on a skill, I couldn’t care less when I’m using that time to work on that skill because I purposely back it down to 70% and then gradually turn up the wick. I felt like you before I started racing. I’m still slow and have no delusions about my skill, but racing has given me a better barometer and takes my mind off the technicals of riding and it becomes just about chasing the guy in front or keeping the guy, who’s intake I can now hear behind me. Keep doing that for X number of laps and the race is over
  25. Even though you know you are in class. Even though you respect the rules. Even though you respect your instructor. Even though you know it's specifically for your own benefit..... How many of you CAN'T STAND being passed? I have to force myself to hold it steady every time. That is probably one of the hardest parts of track days. Am I alone here?
  26. SPOILER ALERT: KC mentions 2 news sponsors: A helmet sponsor and something else that I can't make out (must be that California accent- LoL)....what did he say?
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