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  1. Hi El Colibri, I am sorry that you had that experience. That stinks. There is no fair counter to your example. You were there, you know what happened, and any comment or suggestion about that event would be absurd. My guess is that you are an experienced rider, and the fact that you are on this forum indicates you think about riding a lot. I would also lay a bet that you have avoided a hell of a lot of collisions, left yourself escape routes, watched the front wheels of hundreds of cars at intersections, studied the roadside for hints of upcoming changes, and used your best x-ray vision to try to see what drivers in cars around you are looking at and doing. I bet you practice emergency stops and avoidance drills too. Nobody can stop from being bushwhacked. I have had people pull out in front of me claiming they 'didn't see' the 1-ton diesel Silverado in was driving. Not every driver is an idiot, but every idiot does drive. I still maintain that in an overwhelming large number of incidences, we are able to save our own lives by the application of practiced skills and attentive habits. And as for single vehicle incidents? Speaking for my self, CSS training, and reading books by Kieth and others, and lots of practice have given me tools to stay out of trouble while still enjoying spirited riding on civilian roads.
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