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    I am dying to have some feedback on the behavior of the new s1000rr (announced tomorrow !!!) on the track...Entirely new bike, 207 hp... And I am even more curious about the behavior of the new Ducati V4R... with the Akra line, they announce 234 hp for only 165 kg, in a 998 cc (so OK for normal competition) ! If the frame and electronics (provided the suspensions should be top notch as they are full Akra and the brakes also high end) are good, that is it corners well, it could kill all competition...that also means that it should not be a special series as they must produce a minimum number of OEM bikes so that it's allowed in competitions. Price will also be way above average...but still should stay below 40000 euros (otherwise, again, the bike will not be allowed in most competitions), so still 1/2 the price of the HP4 Race...but anyway, all this is still just on paper...let see what test riders say when they take it out on track...big engine is one thing, but it is not sufficient to make it a killer bike on the track ! But it's all exciting ! But Kawa, Suz and Yam will need to bring their bikes to the next levels if the Ducati and BMW are not only big engines but also great cornering machines ! EXCITING !!!
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