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  1. Hi Roberts I agree the future is here, but it also sounds like the future can kill you easily... and in complete silence!! I've yet to throw a leg over one, but there is a Zero dealer nearby having a demo day in a few weeks so going to try it out (will heed all your warnings!) Some interesting points, especially about going off road and not being able to de-clutch. Obviously, it is still under power, and braking off road is risky - can I ask how you dealt with that one? I suppose the issue with slowing down all that mass is using traditional tyres and brakes with new, heavy technology. It would be interesting to see if any of the tire manufacturers have taken the extra mass/characteristics of these bikes into account. I guess as new battery technology is refined the weight of these machines will drop dramatically, rather than having the need for lots and lots of Li-Ion batteries. The other thought I had was with the constant improvements in engine efficiency and the likes of BMW having to conform to Euro 5 emissions regulations by using lower friction pistons, lighter components, etc, do all of these changes cut down on the amount of engine braking available? Has anyone at the school passed comments on this with the 2020 bikes? Or are the changes imperceptible? My only other thought extends to a brake upgrade? Or, really embrace the future with a heads-up display helmet to aid 'reality reminders'!
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