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  1. Ahhh, an opportunity to see just how good these teachings have been. Maybe the protege's will achieve greatness where the masters have seemingly failed! Tell you what...I'm glad I'm in the saftey of being ?000's of miles away with my condescending patter and balls of steel. Think I could be sat ON the wall swinging my legs to and fro about to get whacked with a slingshot!
  2. Good day all, Griffter ere from the Motherland. Now then fellow Brits, when I started to read this thread I thought there was no chance that our fellow cousins from across the pond would ever get this nickname malarkie, but...By golly i think they've got it! This of course is due to great work from our newly crowned 'Senior Riding Coach' Jet, 'Time Served Piss Taker' Bullet and 'The Family Leader' Idiot. Commendable work fellas, it fills me with great optimism that there is still hope for the US fraternity yet. Lol The names so far; Wipes - I'm liking this one, nothing wrong with a bit of personal hygene. A modern man but, WIPES! I'd have kept that secret. Lol Barbie - HAHAHAHA! Entertainment value on this will never end. Winkle - I've experienced the reason for this first hand in SA (was afraid to say anything...thought it was my conversation). So I'll run with this one just to give me piece of mind. Misti - Had a cat with three legs called Misti, think it's best we don't continue down that line. Going to open this up as I'm sure there's some mileage in it... Oz Adam - Twas a sunny morning at Kyalami close to midday and as I approached turn 3 (the coaches holding area) I was surprised in what I saw. To my amazement, there in front of me. No it could not be! Yes. It is! In the middle of the grass was Oz Adam, C...R...C having a minute to himself. Now, I don't know, but after much thought and deliberation, I can only imagine he took it upon himself (it was close to lunchtime, possibly he couldn't wait any longer and maybe this is what they do Down Under) to embark on what can only be described as a bit of grazing. Now, he didn't look particularly SHEEPish but then surely he wouldn't have been HORSEing around....would he? Anyway, the floor is open and my contribution for now is Heifer! Regards Griffter
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