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  1. oh! One more thing. I had a phone CAVE on me. I then learned that your number had so long ago been stored in the

    (internal Storage)section of the phone,and not the SIM card like NORMAL SMART people. its 310... something something something, somet.. well.. you get the point. Drop me a text. I'll more than likely know it's you.. I don't have a lot of semi attractive Cali...

  2. heya kid... just wanted to say "Hello"

    Been a very long time. Hope all is well.

    Ttys :)

  3. So, gooddoggie, how did Level 2 go for you? Kristi
  4. This is a tough one. I like Barber because it keeps me on my toes visually--you've really got to have your visual skills working for you to go fast there. Virginia International Raceway has beautiful scenery, friendly staff (as Cobie pointed out), and the elevation changes are totally fun. But with all these fancy tracks to choose from I think my most favorite of all is our home track, Streets of Willow. It is a great place to coach because I know it so well. We get to run it forward and backward on two-day camps, which changes things up and keeps it fresh. It just plain feels like home to me.
  5. Just as an FYI I'm called Baywatch on my swim team... so you're not far off base, Derek. : )
  6. There are a couple ways to do this, some bikes have simple lap timers built into them (My 2006 Kawi ZX-6R does, for example) but it generally requires the rider to press a button each time they cross the start/finish line. Next, there are lap timer/transponders that you can purchase your own beacon for. You set up your beacon at the start/finish line, or any stationery spot around the track so that each time you pass it, it trips your on-board transponder and records 1 lap completed. Be careful as some beacon/transponders are infrared, which requires essentially a "line of sight" between
  7. Hi acebobby, good to see you on here keeping the discussion going! I think you've got a great question here: "what are your current riding goals and how are you going about achieving them?" Perhaps it was meant for other students, but hope you don't mind if a coach pops in. First off, my goals change depending on what I assess is going well and what I believe can be improved. For example, body position had been an issue I focused on for a good amount of time previously, but I now find myself focusing on the more fundamental elements of riding. The catalyst for this shift in focus was my ra
  8. Wrong! We just completed a week at Thunderbolt and it was a hit with all the coaches, far as I could tell. Which 2-day camp did you sign up for, the one in May or the one in August? If you did in fact take the school that just finished this past week (May 13-14), let us all know how you ended up liking Thunderbolt. It would be nice if there were 1 or 2 more left hand turns, but aside from that it had a great mix of elements: fast turns, elevation, blind rise, excellent facilities that were nicely maintained. Feedback from any of the students who were with us at Thunderbolt? Kris
  9. Hey CSK, the way the coaches do it is fly into Philadelphia (airport code PHL), rent cars, and drive the appx. 1 hour trip southward to Millville, New Jersey. I'm not aware of a train that'll do it but there just might be one. I think you'll like the track once you get there! I know us coaches were pretty impressed with it. We just got off a week coaching there! One other suggestion if you're looking for hosting is to contact the corner workers who most probably live nearby who will be working and riding the event. You can get information on corner workers and how to contact the lead corne
  10. Cobie; Laguna was amazing and for all of you who say "I never ride in the rain" I strongly encourage you try it; especially if you sign up for School and it rains. As one who has parked his bike at previous schools when it rained, this time I said not today; today I am going out there. Day one it rained all morning so we all had to find our traction limits as we worked on our drills. It was a perfect laboratory for fine tuning throttle control as it was pretty common to find the rear end stepping out lap after lap. The advantages of learning/practicing the quick turn, the pick up drill,
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