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  1. Nevermind changed my mind you can delete
  2. So what exactly needs to be done to the bike I am bringing prior to? I cant seem to find that info anywhere so I emailed and started a thread here just in case.
  3. I would start with level 1 as well, actually I did lol. Anyways I just got done with a 2day camp of theirs L1-L2 and now I am doing L3 and L4 individually at Miller same time as you 20th 21st. You learn sooooo much with L1 and L2 its amazing and overwhelming but then you get out there and practice it and it starts to make sense...Good luck and have fun, see you there Justin
  4. Well I signed up for L3 and L4 at Miller on the 20-21st using my bike...Should be tons of fun lol
  5. So I took the 2day camp at willow about a month ago level 1-2, now I am looking into taking your level 3 and 4. I would do the 2day again but you dont offer one during my time frame and location. Anyways I am wondering what the pros think about me using my bike 05 10R for level 3 and 4 or using your 6R? I ask cause I will be tracking my bike many many times this year and up coming years so maybe I should get used to riding my bike. But, should I get used to using the right techniues on your bike first then worrying about riding my bike... Hope that makes sense lol Thanks Justin
  6. Not much action on this board...Is there a busy season???
  7. Not much action on this board...Is there a busy season???
  8. Not much action on this board...Is there a busy season???
  9. What is taught about suspension set up at school? After my 2-day will I be able to know the ins and outs of how my bikes feels while riding and be able to adjust accordingly? I dont mean knowing all there is to know about suspension I just mean the basics and getting around the track and road... Thanks
  10. So I think I am taking the 2-day at willow springs and have a few questions... Where should I stay? Am I picked up, given a ride by the hotel, or do I drive/ride to the track? How far away is the track from where I should stay? Can I ride my bike from home to school (more alone the lines of is it advised)? At the 2-day I see most to all is provided but beyond those things do I need or should I bring anything else? Do most people stay at the same place and if so after the daily class do people meet up go out for a beer and pizza ect. ect.? I probably have more question just cant think of them lol... I cant wait its been a long 6 months here in Iraq and I want some good track riding lol...
  11. Well I just registered to the forum and about to sign up for a 2-day camp at either Reno or Willow. I will be going to the april one in Willow or the May one in Reno not sure yet but leaning towards Willow... Anyways cant wait...
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