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  1. its definitely something that you have to keep doing. usually after a couple of laps after a week break is enough to get you going again. grippy tires help out as well. as long as you have confidence over your gear, all should be the same. riding is something like a head game. i usually back down a lot after a crash. typically takes me several sessions to get back in to it. unless your getting paid, you shouldn't really rush into it. better to be safe than sorry in the end.
  2. second that. also, watch motogp. best teacher is experience. copy what the pros are doing and try to do it yourself.
  3. more practice at the race track at Pace will give you a good feel. until you experience the limit, you will really not know where it is. to me, the squirming and sliding of the tires gives good indication of the limit- breaking straigh up and in the corner.
  4. Just ride safely. Riding at the track opens you up to technique and gives you a big margin on the road. You should consider taking a class and doing a year of trackdays. It will answer all your questions for you.
  5. i see him feed the clutch multiple times while entering. blipping is so 90's... lol
  6. Its good that you were able to analyze your riding. IMO your corner speed is not only a factor of your turn in rate but how much you brake also. just practice and slowly up the pace. on a 600, its really important that you get the whole corner correct so that you are at the peak of your powerband as you are exiting to maintain good speed. if you screw up the entry, you tend to charge the apex and then you end up wide or you just dont have enough rpm to get your bike to shoot out. Also, relying on engine braking to set your entry speed is wasting time-it should be either on the brakes or
  7. I don't know about Cobie, but that is the only circumstance where I do clutcless downshifts on a roadrace bike, Turn 8 at Willow Springs is 6th gear pinned and I drop two gears for turn 9 without the clutch. At a good pace your leaned over quite far when you do the downshifts. Worked pretty well when I set a lap record. wow... i was thinking the opposite. do you brake for the corner or do you just let off? i assume you have a slipper clutch on your bike? you got me all curious now... im going to have to give this a go this year. the main reason i use the clutch is i quit blippin
  8. tell me.... have you tried doing this while leaned over coming out from a fast corner and then entering a slower corner?
  9. Jason only recommends it for downshifting not upshifts. no reason to use the clutch on upshifts.
  10. is that what the school is teaching? i agree that its not something that someone with little experience should focus on. different people different strokes i guess.
  11. clutchless downshifts... cons i would rather deal with a messed up upshift than a downshift especially going at pace. having to downshift 2-4 gears after a straight without clutch modulation is going to be a disaster. and your clutch is not only used for chaning gear but is also used for traction management with or without slipper clutch especially when you are trail braking. i dont see any benefit of clutchless downshifting.
  12. good discussion... although i think this topic has been covered a few months ago.. i think
  13. Yup. I agree with you on this. Its all a pile of BS. Leverage can be achieve using multiple anchor points not just the inside foot. I have no problem with people following this method, I just dont like it when they push it to people like its the only way. Especially when the big dogs are doing completely different things. Thats why I really like KC comments on taking advice... people need to learn to weed out fluff.
  14. the suspension will unload and screw up his entry... thats not the only reason you trail the brakes. and you dont have to trail the brakes all the way to the apex either. it really depends on what type of corner you are attacking. easing off the brakes is considered trailing. i dont think anyone is just 100% percent brakes and 0% all of the sudden... otherwise, youll be experiencing chatter at turn in. to me, eveything is about smoothness....
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