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  1. So if you got rear sets does that mean that you can increase your lean angle further or your max lean angle can be increased?
  2. Hi Hubbard_28, Nope I am not saying this forum is boring and this forum is not boring! There was a post earlier mentioning that we need new questions on this forum. My question was to get people out there thinking about when they through they had reached thier lean angle limit and why they thought they had reached their limit. Do you feel like you have got to your limit when you scrape the pegs or your crash bobbin or possibly your exhaust?? I agree with Fajita Daves comment, but when do you think you have reached you maximum lean angle? Appanna
  3. To much lean angle is right about at the same time you fall . HAHA. You've nailed it on the head, Fajita Dave (I want Mexican food every time you're on the site). How comfortable you are leaning off the bike, Apanna, plays a big part. I'm having problems because I can't quick turn the bike or get it into a corner with enough speed, so I can't really get it to go all the way over. It's also the setup. I have stock everything on my bike, so I occasionally scrape the peg, but the bike can do so much more. Other than that, if you have the right tires you can get off the bike and lea
  4. Hi All, A question to try and make the forum a little more vibrant! How much lean angle is too much and how do you know when you have reached your lean angle limit? Appanna
  5. Thanks Bullet, but would still love to have you down here in SA! Hope you can make it in October. Appanna
  6. Talking about weather and CSS schools, in South Africa we are blessed with great weather and great tracks during the CSS school days, even though it is only twice a year! Appanna
  7. Hi Firebeast, If you can make it to one of the Trackdaze days to Phakisa, I know it is a long way away, you can chat to some of the guys that have done CSS in SA. We do have 2 SA coaches, and we are generally at all the Trackdaze events. The CSS days for SA at Kyalami are 7-8 October this year. Hope to see you there. Take care, Appanna
  8. Hi Cobie, Absolutely right about the school and coaches doing their own thing. There is no replacement for the knowledge and training you get on a school day. Firebeast- Book for the school early and you will not be disappointed. The whole coaching team will be coming from the UK except for the 2 SA coaches who have been put through their paces to become CSS coaches. Take care, Appanna
  9. CSS does come here to South Africa from the European branch. There are 2 South African CSS Coaches. The event is organized by Track Daze (http://www.track-daze.co.za/). You can check up on their website for updates on CSS and their track days. They also sell the Twist books and Andy's book. The next CSS days are 7-8 October 2009 at Kyalami. I think they are already 1/3 full. Hope this helps. Take care, Appanna
  10. Just to add my 2 cents with a questions. Are you ready to turn at the turning point? (I mean off the gas and the brakes). If you are too rushed have you tried to get set for the corner a little before the corner. Brake a little earlier and keep the same speed that you would at corner entry?
  11. I response to the title of this thread I would say that the inside line is not your fastest line, the fastest line would be your line where you can turn in as late as possible and from as wide as possible (qualifying line) which are the kind of lines that you take at the school.
  12. Lean angle and hanging are linked to the extent that the more weight you have on the bike (the straighter you are sitting and not hanging off) the more you have to lean the bike over. This is because your center of mass is higher up on the bike if you are sitting straighter rather than hanging off. General body position I would say is one butt cheek off and your head to the side of the screen with your body relaxed.
  13. Me again. Just thought I would let you guys know .... something that you already know ... CSS is awesome!! Two weeks after going to CSS in Phakisa I went to the track at Kyalami and my best lap times before that at Kyalami was a 2:08, this time that I went I did a 2:01 and I actually felt more comfortable doing that time!! I am going back on the 14th May and hoping to break 2:00 ..wish me luck!
  14. Cobie, All the skills seems to add confidence in my riding in their own way. But the skills that made the most difference were firstly the rider input; as soon as I started relaxing the bike seemed so much more stable and I felt a lot more comfortable which gave me the confidence that the bike would not slide out under me and the second skill would be throttle control which kept the bike smooth through out the corner. I was correcting my lines in mid corner at times (so my RPs were not great but I figured out my mistake soon enough!). As a whole when I managed to do a couple of laps pu
  15. Well I thought the CBR 600 RR was really awesome. Now I have a GSX-R 1000 K5 and it feels really great but the funny thing is after the CSS in South Africa the bike feels even more stable and therefore it feels like the bike handles much better. So I guess if you get a new bike and then your riding skills improve, then the new bike might feel like it handles better. What I mean is that if I jump on a baby blade now it might feel better than the K5. Just my 2 cents worth.
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