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  1. Hey Jason, good write up. I know what you mean about So Cal Track Days. I have been riding with those guys for a very long time, since they started out at Pahrump. I love the no sessions format, but they do have some safety issues to work out, no doubt. I can't wait to ride that track. I'm headed out there 1/22 and 1/23 to ride with Track Daz and I'm looking forward to learning a new track. Maybe I'll see you there one of these days
  2. So your saying that you have been taught that a high entry speed is a bad thing? Increasing entry speed to improve lap times isn't exactly a novel idea.
  3. So your saying Lorenzo was "charging the turns"? I think we must have a different definition of the term.
  4. My clutch usage for downshifts changes all the time. Most of the time I blip and use the clutch as seen in the video. In some specific corners (like turn 9 on the big track at willow) I do clutchless downshifts. And still other times I will grab the clutch, downshift a number of gears and then let the clutch out slow. Just depeneds on the corner and how hard I'm braking. I use clutchless downshifts when there is little or no braking. When braking super bard, super late, I will drop a bunch of gears at once and let the clutch out slow.
  5. I pointed the camera down a little so you could see my hands and what I was doing with the controls. This was just one lap at a decent pace, I wasn't leading anyone.
  6. I mounted the GoPro to the chin bar of my helmet while riding at Vegas. I just thought it was kinda a cool view...
  7. The soltion to your problems... http://www.pit-bull.com/trailer-restraint.shtml
  8. Congrats on a great year. Austin is a great kid and I wish him all the best!
  9. I don't really use the brakes much when riding on the street. A nice, smooth, steady pace leaves me more room for the unexpected.
  10. I thought it was great racing. The passes all seemed pretty clean to me... You wana see rough racing check out the last race of the DSB class at Barber...
  11. Different line could be the cause. Quicker turn could be the cause. Different bike, more ground clearance, rearset pegs. Different body position, one could have been twisted to the max so his butt was dragging but his upperbody still centered. I'm sure their's more...
  12. When trailbraking I typically stick my knee out when I start to lean in. When trailbraking you're not really braking that hard after you lean in, so there isn't as much force that is trying to throw you forward... I can think of a turn or two where I'm trailbraking really hard and have both knees against the tank even after I have started to lean in (usually not too far leaned over though, just bending it in on the brakes), but as a rule I think it would be OK to say that I take my knee off when I start to lean.
  13. Not really, I think if you don't hang off the bike (move your butt off the seat some) then sitting up against the tank is probably fine and I can't think of any problems it might cause. When you start to hang off the bike it is important to slide back away from the tank some to allow you to move across the bike without getting twisted.
  14. Just FYI Eirik, when you sit very forward on the bike, against the tank, it kinda forces you into a twisted body position when you try to hang off and can lead to really bad form. I know you don't hang off, but I assumed because the OP was riding in the advanced group at track days that he was probably hanging off the bike and sliding forward against the tank could do more harm then good.
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