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  1. Just heard from the crew, another excellent day at Barber. I think we ended up with 4 of the 6 days dry, very few issues, and folks glad to be out and on a racetrack!
  2. Hi Slylos, Like the others, very sorry to hear about this. I got a report on the day, I think yours was the only incident (and glad you are OK). I'd like to follow up with you on this, talk with you, get some more info. I'll email you. Best, Cobie
  3. Turns out that Jawbone Canyon was open, we stopped in there instead of going to Wagon Wheel. Not as good for brand-new beginners, had to look to find harder ground (not slippery/soft). Still had a good time, went with my daughter, she's still keen to keep riding. Interesting that really have to work to keep the gradient of learning correct, and how big an issue it was being a little slippery, even in the staging area.
  4. Good to hear this, maybe I'll get a leg over a modern 300, give it a go!
  5. For me it's a slight safety factor...I want to be able to move quickly if I need to. Good visual skills trump all for street safety, it wouldn't keep me from riding a small bike..being lazy might :).
  6. Yakaru, How do you like that 300 for the street? I normally want a little more torque, but that's mostly cause I'm lazy and don't want to shift that much.
  7. Yes, SO looking forward to not riding a desk for a while :).
  8. There is a great shot in the Twist 2 video of a wheelie coming down, and how much the tire deforms...
  9. If we get you out, or even if you are near us and can come and ride it, let me know, we can squeeze that in, takes about 10 min. I knew the theory, but my first test drive was in front of our shop, so I took a spin on it (full squid mode of course). Nearly hit a parked car!! Gotta ride it to believe it. Any data on the test drive above is protected by the squid clause.
  10. If/when we get you guys to a school, and if you haven't ridden it, ride the NO B/S bike. It really has to be ridden to get the full experience, no amount of talking seems to take the place of this training aide.
  11. Back to the point of the bike running wide when it slows: if the rider is rolling on the throttle, then rolls off, it will run wide initially. Good discussion here.
  12. I've heard a few guys comment about feel, and really wanting to know what the front is doing, as they progressively corner faster.
  13. Uh...don't temp me like that, I don't have much tolerance.
  14. A man after my own heart, good for you! (in breaking jackass edicts...oops, I did print that didn't I, it wasn't my inner voice?).
  15. 2nd video, I do like his advice on getting more info.
  16. In the first video, talking about soft v. hard carcasses...one thing not mentioned was that often the suspension can be tuned to compensate for the difference.
  17. Just heard on the radio this morning that the Alabama governor will not be extending the stay at home rule, past early May.
  18. Hi Jeremy, So let's clarify, ,just to be 100% clear for eveyrone: what does a rider do in a turn to get the bike to tighten the line? Best, Cobie
  19. Apollo, Good summary and description of what has happened. In this instance, I've some ideas, but to drill down into this in a bit more detail, better that we just talk, or even skype. I'm in the office this week (except Thursday), pretty flexible, let me know if you want to chat. Cobie
  20. Good points, both of you. I've spent so much of the last year's traveling (and we were raising kids) street bike didn't get enough use (got tired of dead batteries and clogged carbs). Might be time for a new street bike...I do like the F-800 (wish they made a 1000, a bit more torque and get up and go). Maybe a thread on what's a popular street bike...
  21. Good responses, both. Apollo: If you are interested we can have a look at those crashes, see if there is a theme that could be addressed (unless it has been already)? I do think the body position factor is a big one in this. In some cases riders have liked one side more than the other, and hung off more on that side--at times too much. And what is too much?
  22. I don't know this a big issue, but what tracks have you ridden? (sorry, I don't recall your riding history). In other words, left or right-handed tracks?
  23. Pretty sure we had covered this a while earlier, but I'm interested to see any new comments on this. So, any skill level rider, please do let us know what turn you prefer (if you do prefer one over the other).
  24. Jeremy, glad you are posting! I was just curious if had been to a school, we could refer to some of the material if you had. Back to your question: if the counter steering is done, what will make the bike lean over more? If you want to tighten the corner, what makes the line tighter, with the bike leaning over more?
  25. We made it out, about 2 hours north of LA in the desert. Had a great time, daughter loved it--asking about going again this coming weekend!
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