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  1. Good question! The package that we look for is quite unique, and as I mention when I do an interview, there is a piece of this we can't train, and that is how well they communicate in our environment. That's a whole set of skills rolled into package. Personality-wise, have to be pretty calm, and able to listen very well. But then also have to be able to control a wide variety of different personality types, in that coaching environment, and not make people feel stupid or belittled while doing it (they aren't, they just don't know the material yet). This then has to be combined with the other pieces: superb rider, willing to study and learn lots of new material (that's also hard for some). Must be able to ride and work long hot days too Did that answer the first part of this? Cobie
  2. We are looking for qualified coach candidates. The primary reason is we continue to add the number of coaches needed per School day. Used to be 6 coaches needed. Now at some Schools it's grown to 15. If you are interested, or think you might qualify, please read the following carefully, and return the application (download here).1. Racing experience is preferred. We have to see the riding to answer if the riding skill level will be adequate. Most of our students arestreet riders, but we do need someone that can set an excellent example for a broad range of skills.2. Friendly, personable, upbeat, high ethical standards, fit in with the rest of our team is a must.3. Excellent communication and observation skills. Willing to be trained and do homework. The coach training is vigorous, not for thewimpy. Every aspect of what you do is examined, honed, tested, and improved on a regular basis.4. The positions are part time or full time (meaning doing all Schools) for independent contractors but we need a minimum of 15 school days per year. In most cases, a coach will need to do all schools at a venue, and consider travel time. For example, if you could only do weekends, this would not be realistic.5. Interviews are first, then if scheduled there is a tryout. That is usually 1 day at a racetrack.6. After the tryout, there is a short probation period/apprenticeship, but we pay all travel and other expenses, use our bike, gear, etc. Probation period depends on you and how much work you are putting into your training.7. Coaches are paid according to their training/skill level, how many of the training programs they have completed. Starts at$180 per day, goes up from there.Getting all these together in the same package is the hard part. Truthfully we are a very dedicated, serious-about-being-the-best bunch, and it shows.About 1 in 40 that apply make it past the probation stage. We are a school, we train riders and racers and we do that totally. We don't give jobs to our friends because we like them.Download the application and email it to me. Best, Cobie Fair Chief Riding Coach
  3. Yeah, trying to move the weight pile in my garage a little this winter...
  4. Thanks for posting the saves Faffi. Looks like when he puts the weight on his knee or elbow, he doesn't transfer tension into his arms, but takes if off. In one left hand save, I wish there had been real good slo-mo, as it look like he let go of the bar for a moment.
  5. A few of the key coaches (including the Chief Riding Coach UK) are keen and working full steam to bring a licensed California Superbike School back to Europe/Middle East, with Keith's endorsement. They've been very hard at work on this, as you can imagine, it's quite a task. We'll keep you informed as things are finalized.
  6. Being pretty fit also helps, in particular with the larger bikes at tighter tracks (get less fatigued with moving the thing around). If you need a reason to train a bit in the off season, there you go!
  7. Welcome, and yes..nice bike :).
  8. This has come up, many times. One of the key reasons is knowing EXACTLY why the crash happened (all the pieces that lead up to and caused it) and how to make sure it doesn't happen again. There are some very definite steps that one does to get the motorcycle to be stable in the turn. It'd be good if you could just get him to call me in the office. I'm in every day, from 1pm on. 800-530-3350, have him ask for me, leave a message if I'm busy or out. Best, Cobie
  9. I know the main gate it always manned, I was referring to the paddock gate, that's usually locked too...but I'd think people ask about this regularly.
  10. Yeah, just take a look at what he allows the front to do, after he "looses it." Let us know what you see.
  11. I'm not sure what VIR allows...I think they close gate/track access once all track activity is done. I'd give 'em a call.
  12. The main reason is I like the competition. If you come to the racetrack and if you aren't having fun, there must be something wrong with you! As for challenges, depends on the track. This year it was learning tracks. Like Sonoma, I had one 25 minute session on track before the race to learn the track. As for goals: I don't set goals, I do best when I ride relaxed, that's when I do best. If I set goals, I get tense.
  13. If a track I don't know well, learn it first. I usually go with a purpose, like some kind of testing. If just a track day, I usually focus on a visual skill, body position, or trying a different line.
  14. Amazing tracking down a 14 year old, while at the same time I'm near a computer! Can you say "I don't like thumb typing that much"? Yes, I'm dating myself and showing my preferences!
  15. If you bring this to the school, please come and say hello...need to get more info on this.
  16. Hi Graybeard! When you come to the school, please come and say hello to me in the morning. Most all my coaches would be good with you, but some might be a slightly better fit, in terms of back ground. If you come see me first thing (before registration) that will allow me to talk to you for a few minutes, and evaluate who could be a good coach option for you. Best, Cobie
  17. Yes, he is faster, and has upped the bar. I think that one thing he does incredibly well is relax on the bars after steering. Seeing him recover from slides/crashes---simply stunning. Maybe someone will get a link up here to his latest crazy save?
  18. Rocco's answers: Atlanta, VIR, Road America, Utah, Sonoma, Pittsburgh were all new. As for learning it: "I don't know, maybe 10 laps. Road America, maybe 5 laps. Sonoma I learned it in qualifying, qualified 3rd." Reference points helped me out a lot, and like taking a photograph of the corner in my head. And I'd always do 2 laps slow, like not even drag a knee." ------- I'll track Rocco down, and get the other questions answered.
  19. Sorry all, I was out of town on vacation, and just let this drop! I'll get with Rocco in the next day, get answers! CF
  20. Practice till you can't get it wrong, I'd just heard this in another arena (pistol shooting), but like the idea!
  21. Good summary Hotfoot. I'd always thought of WSB like NASCAR, and MotoGP like F-1
  22. Good to see you coming out of the shadows
  23. Rocco: when you rode the 400 this year, how many of the tracks were new to you? How long on average did it take you to learn a new track, and what would you do to do that?
  24. Leaning over further, carry more corner speed, off the brake lever earlier. Basically doing the same thing, maybe a little bit sooner.
  25. i use everything they put on my bike: oils, parts, suit, etc. On the money side, ask my Dad
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