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  1. This has all been very col to browse, especially after posting this blog so long ago. STU, thanks for regulating for me, I gotta say-that was flattering. However educational all this tech stuff is about centripital, and vertical vs. braking contact mumbojumbo, one question still remains: If the "Quick flick" and the "Trailbrake" techniques are both good tools to be used for going super fast on the racetrack, how does one size up the corner for which type of tool to be used? Stu man has made the most poinient remarks, in that when the turn in point is not the the slowest point, then trailing might be faster. But can't I as the rider dictate where the slowest point in the corner is? and further, MAYBE WE NEED TO EVALUATE THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN HOW MUCH TIME IS GAINED ON CORNER ENTRANCE BY SUPERB TRAILBRAKING VS. TIME GAINED IN CORNER EXIT BY PERFECTLY APPLIED BIKE STABILIZATION AND EARLY GAS-ON-DRIVE? I know it also has to do with the distance and avg. MPH of the folloing points: 1) The distance and avg MPH from the intitial point of brake application, all the way back to the dirve out of the PRIOR corner up to the corner in question, 2) the distance and avg MPH from the corner in questions' slowest point, and the drive out all the way to the NEXT point of throttle shut-off (next corner maybe) right? right? hmmm.
  2. Stu, one thing you said mad crazy mad sence. "in corners whrere your slowest part is after your turn in point." I think this is mainly it. Surely this statment requires a little evaluation, but for the most part, I think you hit most of it on the head... hmmm as I ponder and meditate this...hmmmm
  3. Thanks for the thoughts, however these things I am aware of. And BTW if spies' tuner mentioned full fork compression mid corner, that is because gforces due to sid-grip or side force in mid corner compresses a fork more than braking does. Its hard to believe, I know, but try it....do a no-brake drill and see how muck fork travel you use with a zip-tie on the fork leg. than compare with brakes... anyways, Im still how the Physics doent seem to apply to guys like spies wit hregards to trail braking... anyone else?
  4. So to say the least, I am a student of going fast. Furthermore I agree with the physical fact that one cannot go through a corner while on the brakes (even a tid bit) faster than one can go through a corner off the brakes. So! with this physical fact of traction known, why do all the top/winning AMA riders do it? constantly! --and not just for passing and block passing. I have been studying the close ups and hand movements of certain top 5 riders and I can distincly see them trailing in to more than half the corners as Miller Motorsports Park. I am still a believer that off brakes and a quick turn is the fastest way, so I am confused on how the AMA top riders are pulling 1:50's at Miller by trailing. Furhtermore, I was examining the engine noise of Hayden's on-bike-camera during the Race at Miller, and its clear that he is off the gas and compression braking and/or trailing into nearly all the corners. On the gas late (post apex) and still running 1:51's. Thats FAST! I was there for the first time myself last week, and I realize the dynamic of a corner may dictate several fast ways through it. And I also nowticed the long corners, and double apex, reducing radius corners at Miller may be condusive to trailing, but I'm just flat out confused.... help? Cobie? Keith? Stu? James? Misty? Josh? ect?
  5. Very true Kieth, I guess you're right. I never thought of that. Hhmmm *pondering*
  6. by the way, I've been to India, and seen how tough life can be there. I think its friggin awsome ya'll are racing there!! Incredible
  7. I've recently been dreaming/meditating about some new techniques that were suggesed to me by a riding coach. But I dunno how widely used they are. So!! My question for the Guru's is: With the idea that .1th of seconds are lost in the reaction time between inputs, then the faster transitions=faster laptimes. EG. from the "off brake" ref. point to the "on gas" point, the faster one can make this transition, the faster they'll be right?---So! would it help to ever-so-slightly begin the on gas roll-on at the same time as one is just letting off brake (but still ever so slightly on the brake still)? Essentially on gas roll at the same time as one is dragging off from the front brake? is this a technique that will make me faster and smoother?
  8. thanks for your reply and $0.002. I too am surprised I havn't sparked up some more help. Also, no insult taken on your assumption of my experience. Sure, no way to know-But I am the current points leader out there, and also winning all the 600 classes, so experience, as well as understanding of everyhing you suggested is good. Trouble is, I have revalved those friggin forks like 5 times, adn yup, aded high speed compression (by adding the checkvalve). Im begining to think it's something else, like what I ate for breakfast, or which underwear I'm wearing! ######!
  9. So Im throwing this out there to those that may have ideas...and are maybe better/faster riders than I. You see, I ahve this unbelievable chatter issue with my 06 kawi 6RR. Its driving me crazy as we chase our tails trying to get it to calm down. i have done nearly everything to eliminate the prob. but nuthin is working. Mind you I am doing low 24's and mid 23's at willow Big track with the thing, but believe there is potencial to go waaay faster if I can get the friggin front wheel to stop bouncing around....DESCRIPTION: chatters like a basketball being dribbled at 2inchecs from the ground. Not hard, lose your fillings chatter, but more rubber-crazy-ball like. Only when Im at deep lean angles, not on the brakes. Bike handles low speed rolling bumps good, but and small inconsistancy or sharp bump sets it off. happens into mid, and on gas when bike is at good lean angles. Valving is rather heavey, as bike is nice and slow without diving on the brakesTHINGS i HAVE TRIED THAT HAD LITTLE TO NO EFFECT: I have had my forks revalved 5 times, changed oil levels from 130mm to 120, to 110mm. Installed 25mm cartrigekit, added small check valve (midvalving), then added heavey midvavling. Changed geomentry extensively. played with rear shock valving, and spring rates, and had rake/trail and swing arm angles measured and extensive toying with these #'s too. Had frame, tripples, and swing arm razor straightened. I run Dunlop dots, with the 190 rear. The more compression dampening I run the better it seems. the faster rebound I run, the better it seems...but Im on the deep ends of both spectrums...wuz up? ideas? experiences?
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