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  1. it's not a race school and So I don't think groups will licence you based on taking 1-4. Who are you wanting to race with? each group has their own list of certified schools. Some even have a school that operates during the race weekend so you can go get your licence and race the same weekend if you want.
  2. I used the school's suit and like it so much that I got an agv suit myself. But there are several decent suits at a variety of price points. I've talked to a lot of people that like the Celtic suits from sportbiketrackgear.com. I've also seen alot of suits for sale lately in the wera forum classified section. New and used both at good prices. I'd link it but I'm on my phone. Google Wera forum classified and look in the gear for sale sections. Might find some other good deals on gear if you are just getting started.
  3. Qualifiers it is! - found them on sale online (€182 including shipping - must be around €80 down on normal), probably a clearance sale thing before the new Q2's arrive. /Tanner: great avatar there. Is that a 2002-2003 model you have as well? thanks! It's a 2006. I had a sweet r6 but then I saw the r1 in the king kenny colors and had to have it.
  4. I've got qualifiers on my r1. Very predictable tire in various conditions and road surfaces. I've run them in the rain both on street and for a track day and was happy with them. At the track it rained in the morning and dried throughout the day and the was impressed with how they handle the mixed conditions. Good stuff!
  5. I was there and you were my coach. Hi Tanner! Good times that track is... Following me around you probably had plenty of time to take in the scenic nature of the track.
  6. It's a small world . Pete was my coach too back in level 2 and also level 3 off track coach at the Streets of willow. It's no surprise that he's featured in the pic on this site since his body position is really quite awesome. What is the mid-ohio track like? I haven't been yet. Mid O is a very fun track. Elevation changes and a variety of corners make it interesting. Of course I don't have alot of different track experience to go on.
  7. Hey Charles, I live about an hour south of Chicago. I did Level 1 of the superbike school at blackhawk farms, if you are familiar with that. It was a few years ago and it hasn't been on the schedule the last few. I also know the school has been to Autobahn in Joliet a few years ago, but not recently. I'm not sure what the details as to them dropping of the schedule, but maybe one of them shows up on next years schedule. (fingers crossed). Or you can do what I did with Level 2 and take a trip somewhere and do it. I did level 2 at mid ohio. Definately worth it. Tanner
  8. I just completed my first ever track day last saturday. I was at Autobahn Country Club in Joliet and, of course, it rained. My first two sessions were completely dry and I was just learning the track and working on a few basics. But then the rain showed up and it changed everything. A few riders went down, one required the ambulance so I decided to concentrate on body position and throttle control the rest of the day. There was one corner that gave me fits all day; Turn 2 was the slowest turn on the track. I worked with one of the coaches on RP and turn in point and entry speed, etc, but
  9. I think traction control has a lot to do with them getting on the gas earlier and harder. I've read several interviews where the riders say that they just have to nail the throttle and let the TC do its thing. I may not be the main thing, but it definately changes the way the bikes were ridden compared to a 500 or a 990.
  10. In 2007 I watched the AMA races at mid O and then did the CSS the monday following. One of the guys in my group was Marty Cragill, who had just finished top 10 in fx the day before. And there he was doing slow, small circles working on BP with the rest of us. Pretty cool to talk with him throughout the day (even though he isn't very talkative.) Marty wasn't one of the superstars in AMA, but he was a great racer and to see him doing the same drills that I was doing really reinforced that I had made the right decsion in signing up for the school.
  11. Generally not proper procedure to enter the corner ahead of your bike.... Doesn't usually work out well... Glad you are ok.
  12. Was checking out AMA live timing today and saw Josh's name. Best of luck, Josh.
  13. Yeah, you are right. School bikes don't have to go through tech. I haven't done a 2 day camp so I forgot that they are school bikes only. There should still be plenty of time when you get there to get geared up.
  14. Hey Harry, Glad you decided to throw your hat in the ring. I understand your situation, as I was in a pretty similar spot before going to my first superbike school. The cool thing about the amount of personal attention that you get at school is that, while there is a curriculum that they are teaching, the coaches are willing to listen to questions and give input on various things, even if it seems basic or simple. They will reinforce what you are doing well at the same time that they challenge you to learn new things. Good luck and have fun.
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