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  1. If you have your bike setup for trackdays and then you put your mirrors and lights back on for street, what changes (to the suspension) would you expect to make?
  2. @BikeSpeedman I've had very good success with Facebook sales. Sold my beloved F4i in about 2 days and thinking I should have raised the price because the guy didn't try to talk me down and nearly forced me to take a $1,000 cash deposit🤣. PLUS there are plenty of TD orgs on there. A few years ago, I posted that I was looking and it only took a couple days for me to get a recommendation for the trailer that I eventually purchased.
  3. I don’t street ride often but I did yesterday. I don’t like the way the stem of my glasses fit inside my helmet but once I snick into 1st gear it all goes away. No vision anomalies either.
  4. Vic- good mention on the visor for debris prevention.
  5. I now wear glasses for distance. It’s a strange thing after a lifetime of excellent visual acuity. I sometimes notice some artifacts with depth perception in my periphery when driving. For example, a car or other passed object in the next lane seems closer than it is, distracting my eyes to look there. For this reason, I’m considering contact lenses so I can ride without the distraction. Last ride, I didn’t notice the problem as much, today I’m going to be keen on that observation. Thanks to Red Baron, I’m also going to observe my ocular moisture post ride.
  6. Oh yeah, rub it in my face 😂. I just reached out to my coach. Time to get back to training. Thank you. I've heard nothing but great things about Barber. I'm doing NJMP.
  7. WoW! Will I need one of those built-in hydration pouches added to my suit (LoL)?
  8. Thank you for encouraging me to finally watch this video @faffi. I'd been intentionally avoiding it because the preview was a turnoff for similar reasons @yakarumentions. I usually enjoy his channel, videos and approach to various subject material and I'm glad that I finally watched this one. I've spent a lot of years in the academics of riding and if I could do it over again, I wouldn't have taken the same approach, borrowing ideas from various sources until I had a firm foundation on the practical application of the basics. Mr Code talks about this and when I went to my TOTWII book to find where, I was astonished to see it was as early as the Author's Note...before the book even starts. In the note, KC talks about technology vs tips. It's very insightful and I recommend anyone that if you have a copy of the book to have a re-read of that part.
  9. Thanks for the input. I decided to do the camp before I'd seen this. I decided that if it requires more, then so be it.
  10. This is a quick poll and discussion about what riders are doing for their eyes and their physical ability to see
  11. I've decided to come to the school again this year, but I'm a little split on the single days (back-back) or the 2-day camp and the deciding factor is confidence in my fitness level to be able to leverage the extra track time, coaching, etc that the camp offers. This would be my first camp. My norm has been to feel a bit tired by about day 1.5 during a normal back to back 1-day school. And honestly, it wasn't until about that point that I'd settled into a personal rhythm where I didn't feel like I was running from session to session or track to classroom to track. I recall my last school went better, because I went into it with a mindset to slow down (off track) and after day 2 I wasn't so tired as I'd been at previous schools. Looking for some guidance here. Does the camp require a higher physical fitness and/or mental endurance?
  12. Yes, but you started talking about Clark Kent glasses and then…??? (Go on…)
  13. I would love to see this video if anyone can locate it.
  14. Looks to me like KS tried to repass from the outside and misjudged, causing the collision which was unavoidable by EL.
  15. I didn't watch the entire thing but I heard what you heard and a small one at around the 3m:?? mark as well. There remarkable thing to me is how he uses so little energy/effort to ride at this level.
  16. Thanks. I'll give it a try next ride.
  17. @Dylan CodeDid he give you any starting street pressures?
  18. I used Silkolene fork oil when I built my Fireblade.
  19. What was the previous fleet brand oil? Do you supply engine wear data to the sponsors or bike manufacturers? I suppose from all the years of running Kwaks and now BMW you have tons of engine wear data.
  20. I've used them happily in my BMW automobiles for years. Now this is just unfair...to tease us with THIS type of information!
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