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  1. Hotfoot answered the inconsistency question above your post, ace... Inconsistency from lap to lap is down to the rider...
  2. Enjoy!! http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xud5mo_marc-marquez-motegi-onboard-2012-lap-1_auto
  3. Sidi Vertigo Mega Gore-tex is supposed to be for wider feet... That's what the mega is for...
  4. This morning coming to work filtering between 2 lanes of traffic going opposite directions, some kid popped out behind a truck, crossing the road... I was not going very fast (about 30 MPH) and locked the front. The bars went quickly almost all the way to the stop on the right, and I let off the brake and the bike immediately stabilised - I had to tuck my right elbow in to avoid clipping the kid. I stopped the bike , and turned around, and the kid was still walking in the middle of the road. I hate kids!!
  5. WOW!!! I've done up to Level 3 and never had a chance to use the slide bike or any other training aid, actually... Only off-track drill I got done was the steering drill. £75 someone please let me know how I can find out when next this is available?? EDIT - OK I went to the schedule and it was there... I guess I didn't check the schedule recently as can't do a full training day, and I did not think they provided this training... Seems like nothing else for the year, so next year, I will book this in a heartbeat once available as I really want to explore leaning and sliding witho
  6. I have Power Pure on my road going Fireblade, and they are NOT a sport-touring tyre, they are, as said above, as sport, as a road going sport tyre can get!!
  7. I use Tech Spec C3, the new material. It is soft, grippy and great!!! I would recommend to any and everyone, especially for the road, but if I had a track tool, I might try the Stomp Grips. I do not feel like I am missing out on grip levels by using the tech spec though, they are perfect for my needs.
  8. Instant, crisp throttle response in any RPM = any modern litre bike. My £0.02. My 2009 Fireblade ticks all those boxes.
  9. That's probably the different compounds... ala 2CT... 2 compound technology... softer rubber on the edges...
  10. You can clutchless downshift at any speed and any engine speed... The trick is that the throttle "blip" is really tiny!!!
  11. Ride at 75% of your ability, so that your attention is on locking onto the bike with your legs, quick turning, getting back on the throttle, and having a relaxed grip on the bars... Build up speed as the day goes on, but in order to improve your confidence in quick turning, you have to practice it, without firing up your SR's, and be willing to experiment with different turn points and quick turn rates... Perfect practice makes perfect...
  12. That's probably it!! Never changed a tyre myself, so no idea about that...
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