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  1. Well, thanks! I'm glad to add some spice on the forum...
  2. well... no I did not try it again, but it happened once again during the same race (and I knew what I was doing wrong to slide that much...)... The picture looks pretty in control, and that was pretty smooth, until the end... Did I tell that I hit my head so bad on the handlebar that I had blood in my mouth, I thougth I broke my nose and almost lost some teeths?... lol I am a pretty good «air crasher» (means that I often go up in the air and landed back on the bike), I never want to let the bike goes... I think it saved the bike sometimes (maybe I am just lucky) but it does'nt mean it's not painfull... I got few injuries over the past years, almost all stretched ligaments because of that, but it maybe could be worse if I hit the ground!
  3. One day, I will go there... wow... I am actually planning to do my level 4 there... :-)
  4. I have tried so hard to drift with the drift bike when I went to the CSS 2 day camp... and wasn't able to do it But I've learn in the past few years that even if you dont have it the first time, you always learn somthing that can be usefull... so when that situation happened on the track during one of my race, I knew what to do and it gaves me my 2009 best shot! Well... yes I almost highsided... but I did not... :rolleyes: nice...
  5. Yes, I have removed the calipers to check but everything looks fine... But because my mechanics was not there, maybe I did not see what was wrong... lollll well, I'm learning! It realy not came from the brake lever, that was not the feeling of «squeechy» brakes... (I dont know the word in english... lolll), but like if they sticks on the discs...
  6. When I went to Dominican Republic few months ago to race there, I did not have my tent and all my usual equipment and my mechanics. My bike stays under the sun (wich was reaaaaly hot) and I was using my tire warmers because they are supposed to stop by their own when the temperature of the tires is OK. The start is on a small straight part of the track and you have a realy tight right turn after it. When I started breaking to make my turn, the breaks seems to «sticks» together and even if I wasnt touhcing them, they keep breaking so hard that I did a «stoppi» and almost had to go straight (I could not make the turn with so much breaks...). They finally release but all race long they did the same thing, I was getting use to it and I did well, but I dont think that was normal! People told me after the race that was fun watching my back weel in the air at the end of the straight... well, that was not what I was planning! lollll So, before the second race, I decided to put things around my bike to make some shadow and I did not use my tire warmers, I thought that maybe the pads or something was getting to hot and sticks together. That was better during the second race, but still not perfect... Well, I've learn that I can break much harder, even if I wasn't that bad on the breaks! lolll I asked few people about it but no one knows what happened. So, my question is, did you ever experiment something like that? Is it possible that breaks can sticks together when it's realy realy hot?
  7. It takes me a while to answer (internet vacation during Christmas time... lolll). Thanks for all your answers, there is some very interesting points :-) I will try some things and let you know about it during my racing season! :-)
  8. Here are the schools I did since 2003: ADL Promoto, niveau 1-2 /2003 FAST Riding school, niveau 1-2 /2004 RACE Riding school /2004 Penguin Racing School /2005 California Superbike School, niveau 1 /2005 Fast Riding School, niveau «R» / 2006 Fast Riding School, niveau «R» / 2007 California Superbike School, niveau 2-3 /2008 As long as I will race or ride on track, I will try for sure in the future, to do a minimum of 1 school a year, I always have some things to lear! I have so many great answers here (thanks!), because my english is not good, I have tried to understand the best I can but I will need my translator to help me understand some words and I will read all that tonight!
  9. Well... interesting... Survival reaction, maybe! For sure I am not scared about crashing... If I was, I wouldn't race! I am more worried about the bike... lollll I am putting so much money on it and it's the only one I have... Yes here, there is schools who teach to keep the head over the tank, but this is not what I am trying to do, I am trying to put together all what I have learn, especialy at the CSB...
  10. Here is my problem, when I am riding during pratices or trackdays, I usualy have «pretty good» technique (still have a lot of room to improve but, not bad! lolll). But when I am racing, not always, but if I am under «pressure» or if I am a little bit faster that what I am used to be, I am loosing my technique and sometimes «forget» to hang off... That problem appear around 2 years ago when I became faster, when I am doing track days I am riding slower that I could and hang off a lot (like on the rain) to put the habbit in my mind... but as soon as I am in pressure situation, the first thing that I know is that I come back in the pits with scratchs on engines covers and bodywork... Here is a great pic to explain what I mean, I'm in front, with some «pressure» (lolllll realy?) and my bike is sooooo lean compare the 2 other racers! I can totally told you how I was feeling in my mind at that moment only by looking that very «unconfortable» body position, and I can also told when I am very in control and relax on other pictures just by looking at my body position... Is there any physical tip that I can use or I only have to work «in my head» (sorry I dont know the word in english... lolll)? I know it's probably hard to answer without seing me riding, but I just want to think about it during the winter... I will have a very big season next year and realy have to fix that problem...
  11. They did not find the problem... we had a B bike that we cannot use during the race, but they remove almost all the parts on it to put on our A bike and the troublem wasn't fixed unfortunately... I thought that was a problem with the pump because when the bike was very lean, the trouble was worse and when I get it up that was better... And it was like if the bike was running out of gaz... but they change almost all the parts about that also... Looks like an electrical problem... At the end I cannot go faster then 90km/h and over 8RPM, on the banking, that sucks! lollll
  12. Here is my newsletter from Daytona DAYTONA, SUN TRUST MOTO-ST: GENEVIEVE LESIEUR IS BACK On October 18, in Daytona, the Sun Trust Moto-St hosted for the first time in its history a women’s team. Racer Genevieve Lesieur had the chance to participate in this prestigious 8-hours long endurance race, along with Marie-Josée Boucher (Canada) and Melissa Paris (USA). The three young women —invited by Vallely Racing— began their on-track training on Thursday: “I’ve already been on this track two years ago, but the configuration was different, so I have been able to familiarize myself with the track and the bike”, Lesieur says. On Friday afternoon, the whole Vallely team went on official rehearsal: “It was the first time we were participating in that kind of race. We had so many regulations to assimilate, and we had to do some pit stop practices, test the communication systems, the lights on the bike, and to be sure that each team member could also perform the task he was assigned for the race. It was a real foretaste of what we were expecting for the next day!” Very enthusiastic and determined, the three pilots started the race on Saturday at 1 PM. On the SV1000 Vallely Racing, Melissa Paris started 13th on the grid and put the entire team in an excellent position before being relayed by Marie-Josee Boucher. Unfortunately, Boucher had to come back to the pits because of a mechanical malfunction. Lesieur then replaced her, once the bike fixed, but the mechanical problem was soon back again, forcing the three pilots and the entire team to spend several hours in pitlane trying to fix it: “The engineers worked so hard to help us, but it did not work… What a disappointment after so much efforts! This race has nonetheless been a dream for me, I’m so grateful to everyone, it was exceptional!” In the pits, the enthusiasm of the people for the “Vallely Girls” was at its peak. They occupied the 4th place when the mechanical problem started. They finished 25th out of 35 teams, with 131 laps completed: “Better luck next time. We've gained experience and we will be even better prepared! I would like to point out how much we have been well-treated in this competition, as much by the organization as by the other teams. It was an extraordinary and positive experience. I met incredible people and we had great energy in the pits!”, concluded Geneviève. The pilot wishes to thank Tom and Gail Vallely for their exceptional support and energy, Sport Patoine, Hardgym Performance for its assistance for this event, Mark Rozema, Alain Larouche, William, Melissa Paris, Josh Hayes, Dave, Jason, Matt, Ryan, Jim and all Vallely Racing team and the Boucher family. She also thanks all the fans who came to support her.
  13. I did my last race week-end on past sept 26 to 29... Yes that's cold here! I finished 2nd and 2nd in the double heather of the WCC Expert... On the sunday race I unfortunately did a wrong choice of tires, it started raining 15 minutes before the race, so I decided to put rain tires... but it stop raining and the track was totaly dry when I went on the starting grid... I was the only one on rain tires... lollll... Oh well, experience! I finished 2nd but very far from the 1st place that I usualy fight with... BUT, I l've learn a lot and I was only alf second slower from my best lap times (these tires works on dry!!?! lolll), the weather was so cold that I think it help a lot to keep them good until the end of the race... In Amateur 600 (mixed), I started 12 and finished 6th... not bad. I also have been invited to race in the Pro600 classes (because I am in top 5 amateur overall) and did pretty good with an 11th place finish... :-) I am going to Daytona on october 15 to 17 to race in the 8 hour Moto-St Enduro with MJ and an other female racer, that will be soooooooooo cool and that was one of my dream! Thanks for welcoming me!
  14. Thanks to all for welcoming me! Yes I was at Mid Ohio... lollll... I improve soooo much since that time! We had a great year racing with Misti here in Canada, that's sad that she's not racing with us anymore, but she have for sure better opportunities! :-)
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