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  1. I'd like to know about this as well. I think my Arai is coming up on 4 or 5 years old.
  2. Hey Nic - I'm heading down on Sunday the 18th and back home Tuesday the 20th when the day is over, but my bike will be on the trailer . If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to ask. Being at the right place at the right time is key, so listen carefully to the announcements. Dan
  3. My buddy & I will be there on the 19th & 20th. We will be in garage 110 - stop by to say hello. Dan
  4. Turning in too LATE can also be indicated by your apex - it may be too late, in which case you end up on the inside of the track at the exit so you are not using all the track (which means you didn't straighten out the corner as much as possible, and thus your entry/corner speed was lower than it could have been), OR something else commonly seen is turning in too late and not being able to GET to the apex you wanted. For example, at my track day the other day I watched riders take a a very late turn point (they were watching each other, I think), and then never get anywhere near the inside
  5. A major indicator for me for turning in too early OR too late is where I actually apex. How quickly & aggressively I'm able to roll on throttle is another. Turning in early sucks because I generally apex early and still need to keep the bike leaned over quite a bit to complete the turn. As such, picking the bike up while rolling on the throttle aggressively has to wait. Come to think of it, turning in too late causes a similar problem .
  6. Increase my level of fitness / endurance for both the track and motocross. Reduce my lap times at NJMP Thunderbolt. Jump a longer double at the motocross track that I've never done before.
  7. FWIW, I just installed a Yoyodyne slipper clutch in my '08 CBR600 and now I don't bother blipping the throttle at all during braking / downshifting. It is really smooth and the rear end remains very stable, even at very high rpms.
  8. I get ALL of my braking done before I initiate turn-in. Some people like to trail brake, I am not one of them. I find that the Ohlins suspension settles the bike VERY quickly after I release the front brake. Once braking is complete, I quick turn to my lean angle. Once I am at my lean angle, I crack the throttle on (and a lot of factors contribute to how aggressive I can be with roll on). However, the initial throttle roll on is an area where I feel some fine tuning of the bike (using PCV, Autotune) will help make the transition smoother. At lower RPMs, my bike tends to be a little "j
  9. There are a few road trips up here that I think I really, really nice. Some good twisties on roads that are in great condition with very few cars. If you decide to take the trip up, let me know and I'll give you more details, but basically the back roads from Warwick, NY up to Port Jervis and then on to Rt. 97 along the Delaware River (and the famous Hawk's Nest) are excellent. Also 9W from Bear Moutain State Park on the west side of the Hudson River up through West Point on Rt. 218 is another good one, but sometimes they close Rt. 218 when it rains a lot due to possibility of landslides (t
  10. Do you live in or near Orange County, NY? If so, where?
  11. What ended up being the cause of the problem? How did you find it?
  12. I thought I read mid-June in one of the articles / reviews...
  13. Every time I go out on track, whether at CSS or with one of the local clubs, I have specific CSS drills that I practice. I don't ride on the street anymore, but when I did, most of the drills I focused on were visual. Proper form & technique are critical, chicken strip reduction is not
  14. Hotfoot - that is really great to hear - thank you so much for taking the time to post that info! I'm looking forward to getting a set next month at Thunderbolt
  15. Thanks Timmer! Hopefully I receive it this week, along with the PAIR block off plates.
  16. Hey Timmer, I just ordered AutoTune for my bike (2008 Honda CBR600RR). It has a full Akrapovic exhaust (4 into 2 into 1) with an O2 sensor bung already welded in place about 6 inches after the "2 into 1" section, right near the lower link of the rear shock. It is still pretty far from the muffler. Is this a good location for the O2 sensor? I'm assuming it is since it is an OEM location, but wanted to check with you, just to be sure. FWIW, it also has a BMC race air filter, PCV, & ignition module (for the quickshifter). Everything else engine related is bone stock. Any othe
  17. I am a HUGE fan of the Dunlop Q2. Every time I think about stepping up to the 211 GPA, Will & Cobie come up with pretty good reasons to stick with the Q2, mainly the performance in damp / wet conditions & they don't need as much heat to perform. Plus, I have yet to find myself limited by the Q2 (as opposed to being limited by my riding ability . Yesterday, I saw that Dunlop will be rolling out the Q3 shortly and it looks awesome. How does it compare to the Q2? Thanks! Dan
  18. Does this happen for both right & left turns? So matter what, it's the inside foot of whatever turn you are taking?
  19. I went from a 954RR to a 600RR and found the 600RR to be a much better fit for me. It may be that the 1000RR is putting your body in a position that is not ideal. Because of the different riding position, you may be moving your butt way too far off the seat when cornering. If that's the case, you might be really crossed up, which will make it difficult to lock on with your outside leg. THAT will cause you to put more weight on the inside foot.
  20. In the mean time, I will continue my quest to squat using perfect form. The stair climber and the spin bikes work well, too .
  21. C'mon Cobie - schedule Tim for Thunderbolt; he needs to continue his challenge of helping me correct my horrible body position .
  22. Thanks Tim, will do! Will you be in Jersey again this year? I've got Level IV booked for 5/20, 5/21 and again on 7/29, 7/30.
  23. I tend to move around too much on the bike, especially when the pace picks up, which is completely counterproductive . When I get tired, I tend to use less body lean and more bike lean, which is also counterproductive . Basically my Level IV days go something like this: Ride - coach helps me identify issues. Ride again - previous issues fixed - coach helps me identify new issues. Ride again - previous issues fixed - coach helps me identify new issues. And over and over again .
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