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  1. I appreciate the input very much. I realize that the school might not be able to suggest any certain track. That is why I left it open to everybody. In the army you can only leave so many times and since my wife agreed to spare no expense I want to not only go and learn as much as I can about riding and see one of the better tracks that are out there. I believe that when I get to go it will be one of the best vacations of my life. Riding motorcycles on anytrack in the country that is a dream.
  2. I am planning on attending a level 1 course. I will have to use a CSS bike and I can attend any track due to the fact that I will have to fly because there are no classes scheduled around my area. I am wondering if there is a place that most people prefer over another. thanks for your input.
  3. I appreciate the response. I have been reading alot of the articles in the forums and we are going for a ride this weekend so I plan to try some of the stuff I have read about. Kris is also thinking about taking a class so I think we are both going to try to take a 2-day class. I think that I can learn alot from this school because from what i've read the school seems to promote safety while teaching people how to expand their capabilities.
  4. I Have been riding for three months and have three two four thousand miles on my bike. I have been learning from a fellow soldier (KRIS) in the army who has been to alot of track days and is a very experienced rider. The main problem I have is that when I try to ride with other people that are more experienced (or not) they would rather just go as fast as they (think) they can handle where as when I ride with Kris he will ride behind me and explain what I need to work on. We usually ride a very familiar stretch of road twice with him following me then he speeds up and rides to his capabilities while I work on what I need to improve on and gradually gain speed in the corners. My main concern is showing up to a class and slowing up other riders. So, I am just wondering how much longer I should wait to attend a class. If anyone can help please let me know.
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