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  1. . Unfortunately, im still having trouble reading the 1st line, i have noticed however, that i can just bearly make out some text which is a very slight improvment to how it was a few days ago, i belive the problem lies in the color code selection. I really do hope this problem can be solved, id hate to have to hi-light the first line of every post as i really do enjoy browsing this forum (one of the best i have found). Its got me stumped as to why some folks dont have the problem and some do.... Windows xp
  2. Thanks for the tip sleepr could admin please look into the problem? I love trolling this forum its one of the best iv seen. Its frustrating not being able to read posts freely. Is anyone other than sleepr and myself having issues with the ''white bar''?
  3. Is it just me or is anyone else having trouble reading the first line of every post???
  4. Posts with only one line of text seem to be obscured by a white bar close to the color of the text itself, making it near impossible to read.
  5. I believe this technique helps keep the back of the bike steady under heavy braking. You will notice they only ever hang the left foot out, leaving the right for the rear brake.
  6. Plenty of racers will save them on the knee. It's one of the uses of the knee puck. I agree, but generally speaking a lowside happens so fast your past the point of no return before you can use your knee slider to help correct the situation. I seem to recall Mick Doohan lowsiding in a GP race and tried for a good 3-4seconds to correct it using his slider...he didnt quite make it, but it sure was a bloody good attempt.
  7. Lowsides go hand in hand with fast lap times, they happen in the blink of an eye (literally), and there is not a lot you do about it other than slowing down....
  8. Being an Australian id have to say Mick Doohan, he won 5 World Championships and is a hell of a nice guy as well. Nicky Hayden has also been a favorite of mine, cant wait to see him teamed up with Stoner next year on the Duke.
  9. Hi, im new to this forum, my name is Paul and as the title suggest im from the Land Down Under. I race an RS125 and an RS85, great little forum you guys have here, iv enjoyed reading through some of the threads and look forward to reading more over the next few days. I race with the Post Classic Racers here in OZ. Anyway, thats me in a nutshell.
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