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  1. I really liked following his story up until today's heartbreaking FB update. What an inspiration he is to everyone who has met him or seen him ride. Just a great and extremely polite kid who had such a bright future. My condolences to his family. Bob
  2. Hard to believe they raced with park benches, buses, etc next to the track.
  3. Just hit VIR yesterday. The word is getting out about Thunderbolt. Talked to a lot of the southern boys that were making plans to head north this year to try out Thunderbolt. Kinda like the reverse...we travel 8 hrs south to hit VIR which we all view as "worth the trip"....only the opposite.
  4. Wow...just left the pits and went into turn 1 with no brakes....
  5. Not anything that I'm aware of except for L4 there's a questionaire to fill out.
  6. The 600 has less torque than the 1000 so you can keep it in the upper rpm's without fear of easily letting the rear loose. End result is usually faster cornerspeed. Compare it to dirt riding...you can be alot faster on a 250 vs. 500. Get the idea? Hope this helps! Bob
  7. Very sad story to read...still can't figure out why they didn't use the yellow flag to slow everyone up and clear the track.
  8. Most of you have probably seen young Peter Lenz flying past everyone during any of the school days. I follow him through Facebook. Here's a post from yesterday. Here's to a speedy recovery! Peter had a bad crash today and is in the Pediatric ICU at Legacy Emmanuel Hospital in Portland. He is OK, sleeping well and stable, he broke his left lower leg, his left upper leg, and his left upper arm. He is expected to have a full and complete recovery. NOTE: The accident was not due to any failing in his riding abilities.
  9. Can anyone tell us how the decision is made regarding layouts at tracks like Thunderbolt? The was a chicane option that is right after the main straight that was by passed in the Configuration CSS used last week. I have seen a video where this chichane is incorporated and it added another R/L/R series of quick turns. Don't get me wrong, I thought that Thuderbolt configuration we rode was a blast...just curious how the decision is made. Kevin The first chicane is too close to the pit on lane. With only the 2nd chicane in, it allows the line to stay on the outside of turn 1 so pe
  10. First off....Welcome to the board! There's other options as far as airports go which can change the cost of the ticket quite a bit. Every airport has different fees/taxes added in to the ticket price. Baltimore is slightly farther but usually the cheapest. Philadelphia is probably the closest but not the cheapest. Play around with different airports if your looking to save a few dollars. If I were you, I'd plan on renting a car. Any other form of transportation will end up just being a pain in your ass...especially with all your luggage/gear. If you want to do any sight seeing at al
  11. I don't remember for certain but if I had to guess I'd say 7am in the paddock.
  12. Haven't been on that one yet, we did Lightning last year--great condition, very nice facility, heard good thigns about it. CF NJMP is my local track which just opened last summer. I haven't met a person yet who doesn't love Thunderbolt including me. I'm signed up for Lightning on 5/11 for my first time there. We normally run with the 2nd chicane in at Thunderbolt. Not sure how CSS will run, but I'm sure you'll love it. Guy's were running around 1.28 hitting 160 on the straight....I'm a lot slower at 1.49 but have great form....LOL The track map doesn't show the elevation changes.
  13. That post is 3 yrs old...might have something to do with not loading...but what the hell do I know...
  14. Lot's of trailer related posts on the WERA board http://forums.13x.com/search.php?searchid=1827256
  15. This guy highsided this past Sat on a wet track with rain tires. Just wanted to throw it out here so we can learn from his mistake. In my opinion, he chopped the throttle when the rear let loose which I think is the reaction most would have. What do you guys think?
  16. I've used a strapless stand for over a year now... and yes they are awesome! I hate to admit it but not to long ago I didn't get the trailer on the ball of the trailer fully and had it bounce off while leaving the track. Everything in the trailer went flying. There wasn't any really bad damage other then the trailer jack being, well, jacked and the coupler had some minor damage, but the bike didn't move. Great testimony for the stands! I have the stands and should be ordering the trailer within a few weeks.
  17. I think you'll be fine. They start out slow...4th gear no brakes...then work with your comfort level from there. You'll ride at your own pace and I think you'll love the 600. The biggest problem you'll probably have is getting back on the gs500 once you get teased by the 600. Let us know how you make out.
  18. Famous Isle of Man tank slapper http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xUBwCX_Mv2Q...feature=related
  19. Here's a post I saw on the WERA board. Good series of pic's from this guys lowside at Tally. In the 2nd group of pic's you'll see how the guy behind him (#66) followed him right off the track. http://forums.13x.com/showthread.php?t=204544
  20. Sounds like a problem with the nut that attaches the clip on's to the seat....
  21. Yea...he'll be another CSS success story. He ran circles around us all day.
  22. Start watching the WERA forum. There are used race bikes bikes added to the classified section everyday. http://forums.13x.com/forumdisplay.php?forumid=12
  23. Me too. The other side of it is that I'm really busy. I scroll through the posts to keep up with everything, but lately haven't had the time to post. I follow quite a few boards and it's the same story over there too....just too busy. It takes time to make a well laid out and informative post. There's an old saying "Better to keep your mouth shut and let everyone think you're an idiot than to open it and remove all doubt" Something like that...
  24. I was thinking about L3/4 too. My B-day is on the 17th so I was gonna treat myself. The track looks like a lot of fun. Here's a pretty good video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y4shapU7qIA Here's another video from the camera bike
  25. I lowsided on a cold track/tires. Had no warning whatsoever. I knew better but didn't feel like I was pushing it enough to go down. I was surprised at how hard I hit the ground....
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