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  1. This summer I completed my first season doing track days exclusively. I started in the novice group and graduated to the advanced group. I have a 04' cbr 1000rr. My first three track days I rode on my street tires because I wasnt serious about track days as I am now. As my pace came up I found it very difficult to maintain the line demonstrated by the coaches of the club. I could feel the gradual sliding of the tires as I increased my speed in the turns. A good friend and veteran rider reccommended I invest in the Dunlop D209. I did and everything changed...I was able to hold a decent line, my confidence soared, and my pace notably increased. At the track you hear talk of heat cycles, cold shear, tire warmers, etc. My buddies are telling me I need warmers to reduce the heat cycles of my tire and it helps the tires last longer. Correct me if I'm wrong, The way I read this article is even if I had warmers to reduce heat cycles which would preserve the tires grip overall, if I'm not riding at serious enough pace the tires may not be getting to thier optimum temperature that would offer maximum grip. As you may already know, when doing track days we have to grid up and wait for the track to be clear before being allowed to go out. Are'nt the tires cooled off during that waiting period and basically rendering tire warming procedure useless? Will a warm up lap or two be the same as using warmers? And how much of a factor does the temperature of track affect traction. Thanks JB
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