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  1. 1997 - carburetor no decals because she got a new paintjob. i think the owner before me let her fall down while he was parking. no real accident. but i don´t care about the optic. 3 things are that count: motor rear tire front tire
  2. exactly what i am doing. if i would call that my girlfriend, she would kill me - at least, sie would stick something into my ****, so i wouldn´t be able to ride a bike... better i call the right one of the two "fat lady" :-)
  3. here we talk about bikes - right? no? ok, no problem. the other one doesn´t have 250kg - but has also a lot of piston ;-)
  4. just me and my fat lady btw - smilies i can´t use too. maybe firefox3 is the problem or is it the board?
  5. i am talking about pictures HERE in THIS box...
  6. and why can´t i post images?!?!? emoticons don´t work too. is my browser the problem or the forum?
  7. hi i am new to this forum and want to say hello to all of you. i am living in upper-austria (austria/europe) where the corners meet the corners - it is called "mühlviertel" where i live. lots of people come here each weekend just for our corners.
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