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  1. not been on here for a while but i was at this too , what a great day! everyone i spoke to agreed and much more enjoyable than doing these off track drills in a school day because there was more time . got a couple a more tips too . thanks to the crew as usual for making it an entertaining as well as fun day .
  2. hi fella, Is that bike of yours finally finished yet? you're doing the cadwell gig in July aren't you? I'll see you there if you are mate. You can show ME around. Bullet
  3. oww do matey ! be prepared and bored of more teg cadwell tales soon on the r6 5eb . glad your back mate .....
  4. great to hear andys progressing well , look forward to seeing him later in the year .
  5. all pen and paper !!!!!! make a note of my best at that track and conditions , tyres pressures etc . and any improvements made over lap times usually in visual technique or r.p,s added or removed etc...
  6. Hello Morpheus speaking as someone who was in a similair situation to yourself many moons ago i can only reccomend get to the school . sure the stowe tracks not as glamorous as the large track but as jet says and i,ve experienced you get more time with your coaches as its a short lap and more importantly if these are first school visits i think its ideal! believe me the last thing you need is to be going round somewhere really tricky when you need to concentrate on the drills . Only my humble opinion but , my early experience was realising after a visit to cadwell park that if you can,t start to get it to gel together at somewhere like stowe first - its not gonna be easier at somewhere more technical . So as in all things first things first - on another note i,ve been told on several occasions that i think too much !! l.o.l just be wary that you interpret things correct from the books , the advantage of a school is you can ask ( or maybe thats just me being thick!, ha ha ) Every time i go back the coaches are either knocking the rust off me from last time or tweaking something to the next level , my ridings came on in leaps and bounds since i first read twist but the reality is that without the schools i wouldn,t be anywhere near the level of current pace (or lack of , ha ha ) without it and importantly the understanding of whats going on. Most importantly for me it gave me a basic system / approach to riding to start from and use , which is what i still try to do .
  7. hello all as a repeat css offender , i,ve also tried to "sell" it to some of my street riding mates , with the same negative responses , they don,t seem to understand that statistically the road is a very dangerous place for motorcyclists and that this would help them - then again theres the other factor i,m afraid that some people just aren,t realistic with themselves but after they,ve had 2 beers they talk a good game , l.o.l -
  8. just a thought i saw a thing with f1 drivers years ago dropping a ruler and then catching it and noting where it measures when caught . the main thing learnt was that schumachers reaction times were average so as is pointed out above as long as your reaction times are not particularly slow it is what you do - or don,t do (as in twist 2) with those reaction times that is far more useful i believe . also stress is a big factor e.g target fixing on something when you know you shouldn,t . cheers
  9. times coming back down at cadders not yet quite back to mid 44,s though but confidence restored . i wish there was a months more summer ! you were working hard at silverstone for us mate on and off the track , its not underestimated , thanks that knee to knee reminder also really helped making sure that i pull myself fully over the bike with the locked on (outside)knee before the inside 1 touches the tank , a fine point but didn,t even know i was doing it ! - gooseneck and hall bends much improved with this and the pivot cheers - i really must update my avatar !
  10. hello all did another level 4 refresh at silverstone last month . working with spidey (great coach , thanks mate) after knocking the rust off my old bad habits later in the day he reminded me of the pivot steer drill - i must admit to having dropped the ball on this previously . anyway once got going on it it was a real help real confidence booster . i just came back from a track day at cadwell park and incorporated this into my day of things to try and got to using it all day , what a result it felt a lot more confidence inspiring . i also now understand how it allows the bike to move underneath you (thanks glen), as well as leaving the hands nice and loose , like through chris curve , great...
  11. [ditto with jason zilla i know what he means the dvd is fantastic but you can,t beat doing it with a cooach at school and getting all those eureka moments , then go and do track days and monitor yourself and get more little break throughs .
  12. i agree also with eirik - i don,t ride on the road much now but when i do i still use r.p,s its just that theyre a lot more basic as i don,t push too hard on the road and they get me through pretty much . but when you get too the track and start pushing even at my level it makes a huge difference - as for the tt guys i think the questions been answered here ! these guys are amazing in what they do just learning the circuit at those speeds regardless of ability takes huge amounts of $10 i reckon ..
  13. interesting reply eirik out of interest a junior national racer also said this same thing to me at a wet track day when i had first started and he was circulating very quickly . this i think is a classic case of a great rider (him of course not me) not always being the best for advice because what i believe and know to be true is that he certainly would be picking and using r.p,s and markers . the point is that it would be using up a lot less of his 10$ of attention on it than me and that he,s probably been doing it that long that he doesnt even realise that he,s doing it (maybe because he hasn,t had to relay it to anyone else) especially because he,s good at it . when we walk we don,t think consciously about each step because its easy to us now .. and you would not be riding at all if you weren,t making all these small decisions all the time , you probably pay them no mind , you must be picking something sub consciously when you turn or you wouldn,t turn / brake etc. the r.p,s just refine it so you can add speed i guess . this is being a bit pedantic i know but what i,m trying to stress is that bikes don,t ride themselves . of course an advantage on track is that you can re visit the same turns but on the road we still choose something even if its not the ideal its better than nothing . all best .
  14. i too have looked at these types of numbers with despair !! if you haven,t looked well its a great learning exercise to put your own riding in perspective - i tend not too look at world level though!! ha ha . but seriously its a wake up call for trackday wanabees like me . a good early lesson is that old stopwatch don,t lie..
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