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  1. Hey Kelly I am kind of lucky...i use a regular small HD video cam mounted on gas tank..so i can see the vids after i finish...does help i guess.... btw what is ur track?? steve
  2. Thanks guys. Yes it was a blast and exciting, the whole thing was very cool. I have to say though my thoughts in going faster (and no question i was going faster lol) were more in the lines that I refused to get lapped by anyone in my group than trying to pass lol....Will try it one more time this season....CCS at lightning. Big advantage doing it on a track I have been around 1000 times lol... V/r Steve d
  3. Well i had talked about it here before...so I thought I should just let you all know (since CSS had alot to do with me getting there). I finished my first CCS race about a month ago at Lightning at NJMP! (actually a pair of em). Was a total blast. And yes if you look at the results I DID NOT FINISH LAST (just don't look too closely at the results lol). Kind of realized though that maybe I am just a weeeee bit out of my class!!!!...but I did accomplish my main goals.... I didn't kill myself...I didn't kill anyone else...and I finished...so Cobie...that will be your job at my lvl 4 coming up
  4. Just finished first day doing the 66 config (2.9 miles) at Monticello Motorsports Club and what can I say but I just want to make ALL of you that don't live around here totally jealous. Just an amazing track with perfect traction. It def rivals Barber as my favorite. The back straight is 1 mile long!!! and peeps (NOT ME) get to 165++ on it, but it is all the turns and combos that are so much fun. Anyway...if you are ever around...make sure you ride it (North config is very fun too). Hope to see you all in Sept at CSS TBolt. When you watch vid don't be too critical of me...i do miss like on
  5. Not sure if this is right place for this post...maybe should go in "Tracks" section....anyway Just finished my first track day at Monticello Motorsport Club http://monticellomot.../track/circuit/ The run was on the north circuit and it was just really neat and I have to say one of the most enjoyable track runs I have had. Reminded me of kind of a Barber (my all time favorite track)/Streets of Willow combo track. Very technical with neat transitions and turns and seemed to really help me work on body position and transitions. The 66 "run" (combines elements of north and south course
  6. I really like your post and I think we tend to forget this...I know what you say is true because there have been numerous examples of this..like my CSS at Willow (first time on that track)..first session I went off the track, hated it and wanted to stop (and Mikey just shaking his head with that pertetual smile and just saying to relax)..but by the end of two days was tootling around the track pretty well…and I am sure my track times were infinitely better than when I started..with no real effort on "improving lap times" I think it is easy though when you are just starting out s
  7. Thanks Cobie….I actually did a CSS a week or so ago (first time back on bike) and talked to some of the coaches who said basically the same thing..as have pretty much all my friends and others that I have talked to since…crashing should NOT be part of your riding better scheme… Interestingly at the CSS, James T found I was doing something bad = weighting the handlebars IN a 'turn…opps…worked on that the whole time…and actually felt better so yes NavyDude (as we talked about)…I did #2 and #3… The post was started shortly after my mishap and I was still hurting and thinkin
  8. Hy Greg I will just put in my.."what a great post" thanks I look at that pic and what I see is one stressed out #86 and although can't see your face just looking at your BP you seem totally relaxed..which bike would i want to be on..hummm...not a hard choice... I did a CSS Lvl 4 yesterday (first time back on a bike) and had alot of discussion with my coach. Interestingly he kind of said the same thing about going fast. He was racing trying to go faster and lap times were actually going down...was ready to quite and his buddy said just relax and have fun...doing that he had the second bes
  9. Well I appreciate everyone's input and it has helped a lot I think. It probably isn't too much of a surprise that , yes I did very recently have a very bad highside crash and I think got away with my life! = no serious injuries…there were a lot of reasons that contributed (and all stupid) but basically it went exactly as Dave said in his post…coming out of a turn..went right past the limit..front end gone… have know idea why…crashed and I learned absolutely nothing except those crashes hurt A LOT! I think Dave kind of hit it though…you have to understand that point of traction/n
  10. WOW Fossil...its like we are kindred spirts lol....you are so right about getting the feel...and no amount of coaching can make it happen...it can help...and it was painful on the snowboard but when you do get it ...it is so great...but it is different with the motorcycle...crashing ...well it just isn't a good option to get it right...got to figure how to get "THERE" and get the "feel" another way? And what makes matters worse for me is i am so visual in how i learn...if i can't "see" it in my mind...it won't happen...I know I have frustrated more than one CSS coach cause of that lol.... A
  11. Hey Fossil and Kevin Thanks guys for the comeback. Fossil you know you are my hero ...lol..we are about the same age...and what you are doing is awesome....thanks for your POV and keep us up to date with your racing exploits There is no question that CSS has kept me alive on the track!!!....I realized when I first started this track thing that i needed something to guide me or i was going to die...and CSS has been it....Having those set of skills to fall back on has been awesome Kevin...seems like I have gotten to know you from all your posts and like Fossil value your t
  12. Greg Thanks ALOT for the comeback...hearing about your experience and accomplishments WITHOUT crashing...is very reassuring. Very recently I have been having this internal debate now of whether at my age I really want to be doing this…maybe I should be taking up golf or something But I really do love doing it! But it sounds like you are definitely pushing the limit..and still staying within yourself…now if i go forward I guess I have to figure out how to do that…I don't think i will be happy just "tootoling" around the track... Oh…and congrats on what seem
  13. Well I have kind of an important question to ask…mainly for the really advanced track riders and racers out there…It has to do with crashing… Do you think that at some point as you are trying to get better that you HAVE to crash??...in pushing the envelope...as 'you do with every sport Or asked another way: How many of the advanced track riders and racers out there HAVE NOT CRASHED??? steve
  14. Thanks for the comeback.....i agree with you about looking ahead....and I think Cobie has said that as you go faster it becomes even more important...something that i tried to work on alot...i still like looking down at those dam red and white lines at the apexes as i pass them!!!....lol The track is sweet..i think you would really like it....alot of the "southern boys" seem to be heading up....Alot of the Track Clubs have 3 days weekends which might make it worth it....hit me with a private post if you need some info... steve
  15. Hey Adam Yea Jody and I keep going on about TBolt lol It is nice to have such a sweet facility close. I think I know that turn you are talking about..the right after you crest over the hill...I know the adv riders just blaze thru that one... I know you guys have a couple of sweet tracks down your way. Another Aussie talked about one of them (can't remember which one) and I looked it up on the internet...looked pretty sweet...kind of hard for me to pack up the bike and drive down though ... steve
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